Interview with D.C. Stone!

Needless to say, first thing in the morning I got my claws on the novel “Feral Craving” by my bestest friend and talented author D.C. Stone! *happy dancing* AND I’ve had the privilege of asking her a few questions, so here goes:

Hey, *beaming* Tell me what your story is about.

Feral Craving is book one of a series I deemed The Justice Demons.  Justice Demons, you ask?  Yes, it’s a paranormal romance, where a group of Special Forces members find out they aren’t exactly human, and have been created by a Goddess to help ward of the battle of good and evil.  Their sole job, is to protect the world, keep things in balance, much as they did in the military.  Within Feral Craving, the first member finds his mate, someone he ran from nine years ago, thinking he wasn’t good enough to have her.  He wanted her life to be happy, and without doubts, something that he isn’t in shortage of. Needless to say, while he’s been gone, she hasn’t had said happiness, and things have changed…

What inspired you to write it?

Hell, well I have always been a huge paranormal romance fan, but today there are so many books about werewolves and vampires.  I wanted to do something fresh for the market, give the readers something more to grab their attention.  I told my love of the military, along with my day to day job, and mixed, blended for two minutes, then came up with this idea.

What do you hope readers will love about it?

This was the very first full length novel I wrote, so I’m curious to see how it will be received.  I hope the readers will love that it isn’t just another romance out on the market.  My guys, when developed, are very real and it’s not all peaches and cream, in fact, in some instances, it’s a bit harsh.  But it’s very close to real life.

So if a movie were made, which actors would you pick for your characters?

Oh geesh, nothing hard mind you! For Bari I’d have to choose Joe Manganiello. That man’s looks are Bari to a T. For Mackenzie, I’d have to say a dark haired Scarlette Johansson.

What I find interesting is that you write several genres. Which is your favorite?

Romantic Suspense is my down-right, all-time favorite.  Not that I don’t enjoy writing erotic romance or paranormal.  But there is something said about digging into a plot that gets so thick, that not only are your character’s engulfed in it, but so are you, as the creator.

What book will you always read again, and why?

The MacKinnon Ranger series by Pamela Clare.  Actually anything of hers I would. She’s been such an inspiration for so long, between her working full time AND writing AND being a mother, there is no better role model for an author than this best selling one who manages to ensnare you each and every damn time.

So who ensnared you as a child, which stories did you like to read?

*cringes*  Would you kill me if I said I hated to read?  Now? You won’t ever find me without my Nook, but I never really liked to read as a child and actually fell in love with books only five years ago.

Okay – one last, easy question: who’s your biggest fan?

LOL, you?  *winks*

No kidding… 🙂

Feral Craving

Get this book today at Evernight or Amazon. More links to come.

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