Interview with Sophia Jones!

My fellow Coffee Talk author Sophia Jones has published her second book, “The Pharaoh and the Curator”, currently ranking at an amazing #1 on Amazon. I’ve seized the opportunity to ask her a few questions.

Congrats on the success, Sophia! Tell me what your story is about.
The Pharaoh and the Curator is about a woman in current times who travels to Egypt for her work, and encounters a destiny that has been in the making for thousands of years.

What inspired you to write it?
I love Ancient Egyptian mythology and I wanted to explore what a love affair would have been like between two gods.

What do you hope readers will love about it?
I hope they’ll find my story to be an escape from reality; a romantic journey elsewhere for a short while.

If a movie were made, which actors would you pick for your characters?
Gwyneth Paltrow would be smart, sophisticated Michelle Beaumont. Hunky, smoldering-eyed Oded Fehr (you may know him best from The Mummy, and more recently Resident Evil) would be resurrected Egyptian god Amon Ra.

Would you like to try writing another genre?
I have a novel in the works that could best be described as a paranormal mystery- though there’s still a bit of a romance going on.

Which is your favorite book, the one you’ll always read again?
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Mr. Darcy will always be my first book boyfriend.

What kind of stories did you read as a child?
I was lucky enough to have a mother who read to me. A few books that stand out in my mind are The Giving Tree and the Beatrix Potter books, like The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Who’s your biggest fan?
My husband supports me in all that I do and is a constant source of encouragement. Thanks baby!

phantom and curator

It’s free on Amazon today!

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