Featured author: Rebecca Brochu!

I’m very glad to welcome fellow Evernight author Rebecca Brochu for a Q&A about her new book “The Wolf’s Moon”.

So Rebecca, what is your favorite thing about writing?

Hmm…I would have to say that no matter how many times I’m asked this question I always answer the same way.  My favorite thing about writing is world building!  There’s just something so wonderful about creating my own world where anything can happen, where the regular every day rules may or may not apply.  It’s addicting.

What drives you to write?

I’ve always loved books, always loved the way a story can grab someone and hold onto them for the rest of their lives, and I’ve always had so many stories of my own circling around in my head.  I would have to say that I want to do that one day with one of my stories, I want to write something that people come back to over and over again like a cherished friend.

Do you have a daytime job and write on the side?

I am a full times psychology student and balancing that with writing can be difficult at times.  Mostly I balance thanks to insomnia!

How do you handle negative criticism?

I know it’s cliché but brush it off, crack open a bottle of wine, eat some ice cream, bitch to a close friend, but then go to bed and don’t think of it again except as a learning experience.

Do you have writing quirks?

I absolutely have to have music!

What are your researching tips?

Dig deep!  Spend a lot of time on the research.  The more complicated it is the deeper and longer you should dig.

Pondering the muse!

Muses are a fickle breed of creatures.  Sometimes mine beats me over the head with a story or a character until I do what he wants.  Other times I have to hunt him down and force him to help me!

What is the hardest book you ever wrote?

I would have to say my first one, A Wolf for Haru.  While I look back now and see all of the mistakes I made it was hard at the time to carry a story on to the end, to wrap up the plot and say goodbye to the characters.

Heorines: The Weak Versus the Strong (Heorines range for needy and dependent to strong and …well…kick-arse. Which do you prefer and why)

I prefer a good mix!  Women are wonderful, we are strong and weak and everything in-between when we have to be so I like to see heroines that are realistic.

Favorite authors–who influenced your writing?

Hands down Robin Badillo!  She is my personal goddess!

First book you ever read and how it impacted you?

The first book I ever read straight through on my own was a copy of the original Grimm’s Fairytales when I was very very small.  They weren’t the regular fluffy, happy ending fairytales and I think that dark and gritty type of storytelling really stuck with me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Rebecca TWM2 (1)


Silke’s life in her village has not been easy since the death of her parents.  Things only get worse when the local healer takes her under her wing.  Branded a witch and tormented by the other villagers, Silke has resigned herself to living her life alone.

Then a chance encounter in the woods with a dark and handsome stranger named Raoul throws Silke’s carefully ordered life off balance.  Now she has to deal with the stormy emotions that Raoul brings to life within her as she works at solving the mystery of who’s leaving gifts on her doorstep.

When the time comes, will Silke be willing to give up everything she’s ever known for a love that’s deeper than she’s ever thought possible?  Or will she reject the gift the wolf’s moon has given her?


Raoul growls low in his throat and yanks Silke’s body back up against his own as one of his hands forces her head to tilt back.  His lips close over hers, and there’s no hesitation this time, no gentle coaxing or playful teasing.  He dominates her mouth, tongue sweeping in and going deep as he licks at the back of her teeth like he’s chasing her flavor.  Silke gives back as good as she can as she digs her nails into his naked shoulders and returns his passion to the best of her abilities.

Silke almost doesn’t feel it when he begins to move them, but she doesn’t stop him when he begins to pull at her skirt, rucking it up until he can wrap large, hot hands around her thighs.  She moans and clutches at his shoulder harder as he lifts her without any effort and presses her back up against a nearby tree as he steps into the space between her thighs.  Silke gasps, breaking the kiss and bucking her hips up into the cage of his hands as best she can.  She can feel him, can feel his heat as he presses the hard line of his cock against her.

“Raoul!”  Silke cries out and Raoul answers her by dipping his head down to mouth at her neck as he presses his hips down against her.  He racks the vulnerable, pale line of her throat with surprisingly sharp teeth before he soothes the sting with his tongue.

“Silke.”  She hears him murmur against the skin of her throat, but she pays him no mind, too caught up in the pleasure of having him against her.  Then one of his hands shifts and he trails it slowly up the soft flesh of her thigh, fingertips tracing lightly over her skin.  For the first time, despite how much she wants him, she feels uneasy, hesitant.

Raoul makes a soft noise and brings his face back up so he can capture her mouth again in a surprisingly gentle kiss.  When he pulls back his hand has stilled high on her thigh, the ends of his fingers just brushing her curls.

“I won’t take you, Silke, not here, not like this.  Just let me.  Please.”  Raoul sounds almost as if he’s pleading, as if he’s begging her to give him something precious.  Silke doesn’t want to deny him, doesn’t want to deny herself, so she looks him in the eyes and nods.


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