Featured author: Tamsin Baker

I’m very happy to welcome fellow Evernight author Tamsin Baker whose MMF shifter ménage “Knowing Destiny” is coming out today.

First of all, congratulations on your release! Please tell us what your story is about.

Chase, a golden eagle shifter, is destined to be the leader of his flock, the shifters of the air. But he has a few problems. He’s not ready for the responsibility, he isn’t sure who he wants as his mate and there’s the little issue of an unsolved killing to sort out.

Ben is also a golden eagle shifter, Chase’s best friend and three time lover. He wants to be his best friend’s mate, but can he be honest about his feelings?

Ariana is a young peregrine falcon shifter who has loved Chase for years. But why would he want her when he can have anyone he wants?

Three shifters, three separate problems, all fighting to find out who they are and how they can love each other.

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What a gorgeous cover! So Tamsin, what inspired you to write this story?

Well, I wanted to do a shifter book because I hadn’t written one before. As I wrote the first one, it developed into a series, and this is the second one. I really enjoy reading other shifter ménage books, and as usual, with my Gemini personality, I need new challenges all the time so just thought I’d have a go.

Very cool. Is it part of a series?

Yes. It’s the second in the series ‘Shifters of the land, sea and air.’ This is the book about the shifters of the air.

What do you hope readers will love about it?

Hopefully the strong characters and the story line, so pretty much everything. I love strong, tortured heroes and I love M/M, so I try to put that into most of my stories. All of my ménage stories have man love in them, can’t seem to write a ménage without them.

*smiles* But do you write other genres as well?

Oh yes, I write everything… except sci fi. I write ménage – all sorts that involve M/M, ie MMF, MMMF and MMM. I write ‘basic’ M/F contemporary, BDSM, Historical, Male Dom, Female Domme, Fantasy, Vampires and Shifters. And as of yesterday I submitted an F/F BDSM story, so I think I’ve covered most sub genre’s in erotic romance. (I also have another sweeter pen name but I keep them separate.)

I’d like to try a werewolf book I think, only because that’s all I read at the moment, and a longer M/M BDSM. I’ve written a few short pieces but haven’t had the guts to try a longer length.

Wow, enough to keep you really busy! I’m so busy writing and promoting, I don’t have the time to read anymore. Which is your favorite book, the one you’ll always read again?

Hmmm…Sooo hard, my interests change so much. I do re-read Pup by SJD Peterson on occasion. It’s an amazing M/M BDSM, or any of the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack series by Shannon West. I’ve read all 9, many many times over the past few months.

And what kind of stories did you read as a child?

Lol, Baby sitters club, sweet Mills and Boon, The Hobbit, Anything really.

Okay, one last question. Who’s your biggest fan?

Hmmm, Khloe Wren 🙂 Who’s another erotic writer, friend and critique partner. She is always encouraging me, reading my work for fun and to perk her up.

My mum and my hubby are great, and mum buys/reads everything I write, but she’s more a Stephanie Laurens fan.

May I share an R rated excerpt? I love this part… hope you enjoy it too.


Ariana’s home lay several houses down from his. He walked past his own home and moved to her parents’ house. She was twenty or so and still studying at the local university. She was a clever little thing, attractive, too, if you ever got a long enough look at her.

A light glowed from a window in the otherwise dark town, and he moved towards it.

A moan sounded, and he stopped. Was someone hurt? Another moan, this one followed by a gasp had Chase flushing with heat. That wasn’t the moan of someone who was hurt.

Envy pulsed through him as he swallowed the bitterness down. Who was Ariana making love to? He hadn’t even realized she had a partner.

“Oh Chase…” His name whispered through the open window had him turning back when he would have walked away.

No way.

Chase took a deep breath and peered into the window, knowing what he was doing was wrong but still choosing to do it.

Ariana was writhing naked on her bed. It was an uncommonly warm night, and she obviously felt it, her beautiful skin flushed red.

She was absolutely glorious. Her tight, feminine body rippled and shook as she pushed herself towards orgasm. One hand tweaked her tight, berry red nipples, and the other was between her legs where a patch of dark blonde hair marked the entrance to her womanhood.

“Oh fuck, yes…” she panted, throwing her legs open.

Despite Chase’s lethargy and injury, his cock hardened in his pants, thickening to a full erection. He ran a hand over the bulge and bit his lip to stifle the groan. He was tempted to pull out his cock and join her, but he didn’t want to miss a moment of her pleasure.

Ariana gasped as she thrust two fingers into her pussy, over and over, her juices flowing over her thighs, the smell so thick Chase dug his fingernails into his palm to stop his own moan of arousal.

“Chase, please, fuck me…” Ariana pulled her fingers out and rubbed her clit rhythmically in circles.

She was fantasising about him. The thought had him ready to blow.

“Yes, yes, yes…” She gasped, her body tightening and bowing up, and then she released, shaking and convulsing, throwing her head from side to side.

Her eyes fluttered open, and Chase ducked down, painfully swollen.

He heard her satisfied sigh as she settled into sleep, and he began limping home. He would thank her for tending him in the morning, but first he had a hard-on to deal with.

Lying in his bed moments later, Chase came within moments to the exquisite vision of Ariana coming. But this time it was his fingers and his tongue that brought her to the peak. When his seed had pulsed out of him and the last of his energy was finally gone, Chase fell asleep with the knowledge that he needed to make this particular fantasy a reality.

Wow, talk about hot. Thanks for dropping by, Tamsin! And good luck with your release.

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