Five stars for “Symphony of Light and Winter”!

I don’t usually read paranormal, but the first chapter of Renea Mason’s “Symphony of Light and Winter” convinced me that this was an exceptional read, and from then on it was unputdownable. I found this novel extremely well written with an ingenious premise and the right doses of steam, terrifying fight scenes, and unexpected plot turns. Woven throughout the story are delicious dialogues with the author’s irrestible touch of humor, a neverending building of tension, and a wide array of feelings from all involved. As for the characters, they’re hot-looking and fiesty – maybe not always likeable, but this reader can’t wait to see if they’ll be up to more steamy mischief in a second book!!!


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Featured author: Avril Ashton

Congrats to Avril Ashton whose new short story “Bedroom Bully” is released today by Evernight Publishing as a part of the Romance on the Go line!


Sometimes a woman needs more than a gentle touch…

El Lively needs to be punished and after more than a few auditions, she’s found the perfect man for the job. Her body is up for grabs. Not her heart, and definitely not her secrets, but Jud has other ideas.

Jud Kincaid agrees to El’s more-than-indecent proposal, but he’s after more than the physical. He wants an explanation for her sexual kinks, and a way into her heart. El’s being stubborn, but lucky for Jud, he’s just signed on to be her own personal Bedroom Bully.




“Why choking?”

Her throat worked. It took a while, but she finally answered in a voice so low, he had to lean forward to catch the words. “It’s the only way I can get aroused. The way I can reach climax.” Wringing her wrists, she looked away.

Jud stared at her, at the forlorn expression on her face. He recalled the shame and pain in her eyes when she’d made her proposal. “Remove the scarf.” He made his voice hard, harsh, issuing the command that brooked nothing other than immediate compliance.

She obeyed, but didn’t look at him. Despite her skin color, he had no problem seeing the thick dark bruise that wrapped all the way around her neck like a collar. He got to his feet and went to her, dropping on his knees when she made room for him.

“What made this?” He touched her skin with the pad of a hesitant finger.

She inhaled sharply. “Leather belt.” She shook violently. “He buckled it around me and pulled.” Her voice dropped to a thin thread of sound, shuddering. “He pulled on it as I sucked him, as he fucked me.”

He cursed viciously.

“No. I wanted it. It’s what I want, Jud. It’s what I need.”

“Fuck.” He palmed her throat lightly. She trembled for him, wide eyes holding him in place. He applied a little pressure. “This, Elliot? This is what you want?”

“Yes.” She hissed and shifted, legs falling open. He got a whiff of it, her arousal, wafting to him from her parted thighs. “Jud.”

He squeezed her again, harder this time. Her pupils dilated. “I’ve decided to take you up on your proposal, Elliot.”

The pulse under his palm galloped. Her scent grew deeper, sharper. He leaned forward and nuzzled her cheek, ignoring his own hard dick pressing against his zipper. There’d be some marks on his flesh later, no doubt.

“I’ll give you what you need,” he whispered to her, loving the way she shuddered. “Only me,” he growled, “no one else.”



“What do you want, Jud?” Steel crept back into her tone.

“Two things actually.” The words surprised him. He hadn’t known he wanted more until that moment. “There will be more than me choking you into orgasm. I’ll be fucking you, using you, and most importantly, making love to you.”

The frown said she didn’t get it.

“We’ll see each other outside of the bedroom, Elliot. Go to dinner, do the usual dating stuff.”

She shook her head sharply. “No.”


“Jud, I don’t date.” She sounded stressed. “I can’t.”

“Why, because you need a bully in the bedroom?” He lifted a brow. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m here, agreeing to be that. But I also want to know you.” He paused. “That’s the second thing.”

“What is?”

“I’m asking, no scratch that.” He sliced a hand through the air. “I’m telling you that one day I’ll ask you why, and you’ll answer me. With the truth.”

“No!” She jumped to her feet. “I won’t.” She tried to move away. He grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against the wall.

She froze.

“It’s not up for debate, Elliot. Non-negotiable.” He brought his face up to hers, pressed their foreheads together as he pushed his erection against her soft center. Her lashes fluttered, her panting breaths battered his face. She smelled good, like strawberries, lemons, and orgasms. “I’ll ask, sugar, not now, but soon, and you’ll answer with the truth.” He bit her shoulder. “Got me?”

She nodded.

He touched her hip then slid his hand down and up her skirt, caressing first one, then the other ass cheek before dipping a finger in the valley between. “Say ‘yes, Jud.’”

Breath shuddered out between her lips. “Yes, Jud.”

“Good.” He took her mouth hard, thrusting his tongue deep while teasing her ass with one finger. She moaned, a pretty sound he wanted to hear again and again. He pushed a thumb to her soaked pussy, getting it nice and slick then moved backward to her ass. He worked the wet finger into her rear entrance. She clutched his shoulders and shook.

She was a sensual creature once one got to the heart of her, got to know what made her tick. With one hand wrapped around her throat, he fucked her ass. He didn’t even have to apply any pressure to get her dripping. He kissed her, grinding his cock on her, groaning into her mouth when she touched him with the tip of her tongue, tentative swipes that made him smile in his head. His finger was up her ass, and he had his hand around her throat. Hell, he’d choked her to orgasm only minutes before, but his kisses made her cautious.

A contradiction, that Elliot Lively. He wanted to figure her out, wanted to know what made her the person she was. And he’d just bought himself enough time to do so.


A Caribbean transplant, Avril now lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., with a tolerant spousal equivalent. Together they raise an eccentric daughter who loves reading and school (not so much school anymore). Avril’s earliest memories of reading revolve around discussing the plot points of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys with an equally book-minded mother.

Always in love with the written word, Avril finally decided to do the writing in August of ’09 and never looked back. Spicy love scenes, delicious heroes, and wicked women burn up the pages of Avril’s stories, but there’ll always be a happy ending; Av remains a believer of love in all its forms.

Addicted to cake, the ID Channel and the UFC, Avril writes Erotic and GLBT Romance for Ellora’s Cave, Evernight Publishing, eXtasy Books, Secret Cravings Publishing and Total-e-Bound.

MEET HER ON:!/AvrilAsh

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In the author spotlight: Leanna Harrow

I’m very pleased to host the lovely Leanna Harrow today and chat about her books, her experience as an author, and her personal life.

Welcome, Leanna! How many books have you written?

I have 4 books out as of August 1, 2013. “A Beautiful Liar~Book 1 of the Maggie West Series”, “Maggie’s Men~Book 2 of the Maggie West Series”, “Killing the Desire”, and “A Collection of Short Stories by Leanna Harrow from the Fun to the Fearsome”.

Where do you get ideas come from?

They hit me like movies and I just start writing.

What are your researching tips?

Google is my best friend! A lot of my friends call me “The Google Lady” lol

Name 10 things most people don’t know about you.

  1. I detest peas
  2. I do random acts of kindness and encourage others to do them as well.
  3. I have 4 grandchildren from 3 of my 4 children
  4. I wanted to be a race car driver
  5. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands, feet, hip and knees.
  6. Sometimes I have a good cry just because it’s a good thing to do
  7. I love music and cannot go a day without it
  8. I am deathly afraid of dogs
  9. I don’t discuss politics or religion as everyone is entitled to their beliefs and who among us is to judge?
  10. I have never been “in love”. I have loved but never felt that “weak in the knees, can’t live without him, can’t wait to hear his voice” kind of love that you hear and read about. People say that’s sad and that I must be broken but I just laugh it off because at some point, they are heartbroken, crying and feel like their life is over…I feel that is sad and broken.

What is your favorite genre?

My favorite genre is mystery and I have only read 2 erotic novels in my life! Who would have thought I’d wind up writing them? lol

Do you have a favorite music while you write?

I pick a song or two that fit the tone of the book and they play continuously in a loop until I’m done.

Have you ever interviewed yourself for fun?

I have one of those at Hysterically funny

Heroines – do you prefer them to be weak or strong?

I cannot stand wimpy women. I’m a survivor and NOT a victim of anything. I hate to hear a woman say she’s a victim of…. If you’re alive…you’re a survivor! Period!

Which favorite author has influenced your writing?

Stephen King is my all time favorite. He was here for the red carpet screening of “Under the Dome” and I thought about stalking him but I decided against it…I’m not fond of the idea of going to jail. Facebook jail, okay but not jail, jail. lol

What is the hardest book you ever wrote?

That would be Maggie’s Men for two reasons. 1. I used a real life muse who was a much younger man to bounce ideas off of, and during one scene I was writing I got a call from my doctor saying I had a 13 mm mass in my lung. I almost took the scene out of the book but decided not to.

Let us inside the mind of the author?

Oh that’s easy…Check out my blog at It has the dark and light side of me on it. A Day in the Life of  Leanna Harrow is quite boring…They would NEVER make a reality show about me, that’s for sure!

You can find me here:



KillingtheDesire_Draft book cover from Damnation

Is the man she loves her mother’s killer?

When Rose Harlow discovers her mother’s lifeless body in a bathtub full of bleach water, she is sent reeling for answers. Ever independent and willfully determined, she underhandedly circumvents the police to lead her own investigation. At the same time, the strikingly attractive detective working on her mother’s case finds his way into her bed. But deeper into the investigation, Rose begins to suspect she is sleeping with her mother’s killer – and worse yet, she might even be in love with him.



FINAL A Beautiful Liar Cover_200x300_dpi72

How many lies can one man tell?

Maggie West has endured the worst luck: abusive relationships, cheating husbands, an emotionally-destructive mother, a daughter’s bout with cancer, and a slew of last-resort jobs. A natural giver, she loses herself in others to the brink of numbness, isolation, and disillusion. However, when she joins a social network to fight her loneliness, Maggie encounters a beautiful man – who is full of lies. As a game, she allows herself to be willfully deceived, and in the process, she gets wrapped into an experience that awakens her mind, body, and sexuality in ways she never imagined possible.



Final LGMaggiesMen_150dpi_eBook

So many men, so little time

Maggie West has a knack for attracting trouble, but this time she’s attracted the perfect man. The love is instant, powerful, and unprecedented for Maggie, but it’s not without roadblocks. As the saying goes: when it rains, it pours. Maggie has to fend off two other interested men while pursuing Mr. Perfect. Not only that, but a sudden cancer diagnosis is sure to complicate things. As things steam up with her love life, she must keep it all together or risk losing it all…



SS Book Cover

This collection includes 20 great erotic short stories!

You’ll meet Virginia who gets out of her thirty eight year marriage the hard way for her husband Harland. It involves a ball gag, riding crop and video camera.

You’ll meet Dick and Jane who are just ordinary people until one day…

You’ll experience one couples “Night at the Movies” and what can happen when you tease someone just a little too much…

There is something for everyone in this collection of wonderfully erotic and highly descriptive tales!


Keep an eye out for “MAGGIE’S MYSERY – BOOK 3 OF THE MAGGIE WEST SERIES” coming in November!

Cool! Thanks for dropping by, Leanna 🙂

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