Rock star’s pick – KISS

Last Saturday, rock star hero Shawn Torien from the erotic romance My Biggest Fan took time off of his busy tour schedule to sit with me and discuss the world of rock music. Here’s another excerpt from our interview:

After watching Mötley Crüe’s video for the song Kickstart my Heart, he slouches further in the comfy chair and crosses his black army boots on the table between us.

A large grin lights his handsome baby face. “Whew.”

I nod, heart racing from both the kick-ass music and the spark of excitement in his dark doe eyes. “Yeah, what a rush! But Shawn, you didn’t answer my question. I asked what Nikki Sixx means to you. Is he the one who inspired you to pick up the bass?”

He sucks on his cigarette for a moment, pensive, before blowing out a long chain of smoke. “Hmm… Nikki and the boys intrigued me with their outrageous lifestyle, that’s for sure. I wanted to do the same, be the same. Have easy access to the dope and the girls and the fame.”

“Yes, but did Nikki influence your choice of instrument?”

“No. I mean, he’s a great musician, like many others out there, but the one who made me want to play the bass was Gene Simmons from KISS. In the 70s, before the Hottest Band in the World turned disco, and pop, later.”

“Oh, yeah. Gene the Demon.” I picture the bad-ass God of Shock Rock with the black and white make-up, platform boots and variety of iconic costumes and stage antics. Drooling blood, breathing fire, flying high above the ecstatic audience…


“Yep. He’s  one mean bassist.” I smile and resist the urge to stick out my tongue like in my childhood days to see how long it would go.

“He’s a larger-than-life persona, too. The guy is a rock giant. He not only influenced hundreds of musicians like me, but wrote lyrics, composed and sang half of the band’s songs as well. He’s a talented solo artist, music producer, film and reality show actor, published author, business man, etc.”



“Are you forgetting his most famous talent?” I tease with a wink.

He raises an eyebrow, studies me.

“Bedding I don’t know how many thousands of women!”

“Ah, yeah.” He grins. “The one thing I’ll never be able to keep up with. Not now that I’ve met Sam, ha ha!”

A tiny sting of jealousy prickles inside my chest, but I quickly dismiss it. “So, what KISS song do you pick for our readers?”

“Pff. That impossible question again.” He rolls his eyes, but a corner of his mouth lifts into a half smile. “Well, personally, I’ve always preferred Let me go, Rock ‘n Roll—from ’74, I believe—cause it rocks so incredibly nicely and it’s damn close to some of the bluesy stuff Aerosmith and Whitesnake did.”

“Very cool! Here we go.”

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