Ready for a rock love scene?


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While you’re here, enjoy a steamy scene from my erotic contemporary romance My Biggest Fan.

Raunchy, handsome rock star Shawn Torien from the groove rock band Bloodless never thought he’d fall for a woman. Then came one that rocked his heart harder than any music he ever played. Read what happens when he realizes his bad boy behavior is about to cost him… love.


The door opens. Baffled, I gasp. I can’t believe my luck. It’s her, standing there with an insecure look in her gorgeous brown eyes, showing me in. In the next second, the door closes.

I wrap my arms around her, press her hard against me, bury my face in her warm, pulsating neck, and inhale. I want to apologize, but can’t find the words. Me, the songwriter, the big-mouthed, cocky ass!

Ass-hole, yeah. I close my eyes in shame. How can I believe—

“It’s okay,” she whispers. “I know you, Shawn. I’ve always known who you are.”

She lifts gentle hands to my head and caresses my hair. With the movement, her lovely tits point against my chest, and I want to fondle them and roll their hard nipples between my fingers.

Patience, man!

With a whine deep in my throat, I push her backward until she meets a commode. I grope her firm butt, run my hands up her thighs to her slim waist. What perfect curves! She’s so warm and welcoming, I want to be hard and sink inside her. I want her to take away the pain.

But what if she refuses me again? I can’t take that. I have to have her, will fight to have her.

I’m choking. “Sami, baby, I need you.”

I move my hands up to her face and pull her to me, find her full lips and kiss them. She lets me. No, wait, she kisses me back, nibbles my lower lip, gives it small bites.

Encouraged, I push my tongue in-between her lips. Her sweet tongue meets mine, rolls around it, sucks me in. I explore her delicious mouth and taste her. My whole body tingles with need, and my cock presses against the zipper of my pants.

“You were right,” she purrs. “I’ve always wanted this.”

Images from our fight flash in my mind, and I wince. “I never considered you a groupie, Sam.”

“I know, I didn’t mean it. I was…emotional. So many years of dreaming, and then suddenly it happened…”

“And I didn’t mean to hurt you,” I croak. There, I’ve apologized.

With a moan building deep in my throat, I unbutton her pants, pull them down with her panties, and lift her to sit on the commode. A scent of warm, sweet musk from her spread thighs tempts the hell out of me. I’m so hard I can’t wait.

“I want you inside,” she whines.

“Yeah.” I unzip my pants, pull down my briefs, and let my huge erection pop out. It jerks with lust between us. I find a condom and roll it on.

I don’t want to rush our first time. With slow, teasing moves, I grab my shaft and direct it to her hot entrance, poking the head between the lips before sliding it up to her clit, pushing against the sensitive bundle of nerves, then down again, in the middle of her thick folds of flesh.

She gasps, puts her hands on my ass to dig her nails into my skin, and pulls me to her. She moves her inner thighs toward my groin and manages to press the tip of my cock inside. Juices moisturize her sweet tunnel, and before I know it, I’m plunging halfway in with a low groan, and then as far in as I can, filling her deeply.

The selfish part of me that ignores a chick’s need urges me to pound fast, but the other part that cares for Sam wants to wait for her to come with me. I take my time, glide in, pull back, and dive in again, rubbing her walls with long, regular movements, trying to stroke her G-spot with my shaft.

She exclaims, “I love you!”

I don’t know what to reply. Is that what I feel for her? I’ve never known what love is like.

She mews in tune with my rhythmic thrusts and squeezes my length with strong inner muscles. Our breathing picks up, presses our heaving chests against each other. Moist sounds and our groans fill the silence.

Driven by burning need, I slam harder and faster into her sweet pussy, to the deepest of her core and out again. I’m trying my best to hold out, but her inner massages drive me crazy.

Holy fucking shit, I’m coming! No way back. Burning heat erupts from my balls, rushes through my spasming cock, and I growl with each quick spurt of semen. Damn, it was over too fast.

Her pleading cries of need fill my ears. While continuing to bang her, I move a hand to her clit between us and roll the tiny knob of nerves—until she screams and her thighs jerk wildly against my groin.

Fuck, I’m done. I’m quivering, working to catch my breath. Eyes shiny, she melts against me and takes me back into her warm embrace.

I recover listening to her soft breathing, enjoying our intimacy. I don’t want to leave. I want to stay like this to the end of my days. She caresses my hair, my back. I can’t remember the last time a girl treated me like that. We’re so close! Heart to heart, breathing in tune.


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  1. Just popping in to say hi and I loved this book! Can’t wait to read more from you in the future! Please don’t enter me in the contest because I already have this book! Thanks again for sharing and good luck to all this book was amazing and you won’t be disappointed!


  2. Hi! Happy Valentines! Looks great! Looks like Nikki Sixx. Thank you for sharing and for ​the amazing giveaway!


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