Keeping Secrets by Kiru Taye


Keeping Secrets by Kiru Taye

Contemporary Romance

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Have you ever loved someone and didn’t even know it?
That’s the dilemma facing Felix Essien when he wakes from a coma to find he is married to the most beautiful and sensual woman he’s ever known. He cannot remember her or their wedding; he who had sworn never to get married or to give his heart to another. Yet, he feels an intense bond with her that he intends to explore fully.
Ebony can’t believe her good fortune when her paper husband wakes not remembering the temporary marriage arrangement with no intimacies he’d proposed, and is now the adoring husband she’s always dreamt of.
She plans to make the most of the passion blossoming between them. However, would he still feel that way when he regains his memory and realises she’s been keeping secrets and their marriage is not what he thinks it is?


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So many unanswered questions. They wouldn’t all be answered today.

“What are you doing here?” He’d ordered her to take the day off. So had his father.

“I know what you and Daddy said.” She looked away from him. “I met up with my friend for lunch and I enjoyed being pampered at the spa. But I’ve been here every day since you’ve been hospitalised and it felt strange not seeing you.”

“But the chair…you shouldn’t sleep in it.”

Shoulders rose and fell as she looked up at him through her long, dark lashes.

“When I arrived, you were asleep, so I decided to read. I didn’t realise I was so tired. I just drifted to sleep.” She bit her bottom lip, drawing his attention to it.

The need to kiss her overpowered him. On impulse, he settled a hand on her back, pulling her close. With the other, he lifted her chin and lowered his head to meet hers.

Muscles on her back tensed. He massaged her skin like he would a skittish horse before a game of polo. With gentle brushes, he swept his lips across hers. The sealed, luscious pair called him to mine their depths. Instead, he coaxed and stroked and traced them with his tongue from one end to the other, bidding his time.

He’d caught a glimpse of her banked passion yesterday when he asked about their wedding night. No matter what else went on, they desired each other. Mutual attraction.

With a low moan, she leaned in and opened for him.

As he slipped in, her sweet flavour exploded on his tongue. She tasted of peppermint and vanilla. In the recesses of his mind, the kiss registered. He’d done this before. Tasted her.

A groan rumbled within and he slid his hands around her waist and lifted her onto his lap so that she straddled him.

Whimpering, she rubbed against him, hips canting against hips, supple breasts crushed to his chest.

Needing intimate contact, he ran a palm over her side, skimming the swell of soft breasts down to the hem of her tunic. He lifted it, his hand making contact with smooth, warm skin. Another moan escaped her lips. He swallowed it, loving her sound and taste. Moving his hand up till it reached her breast, he caressed it through the lace of her bra, flicking the already taut nipple with his thumb.

In response, she ground against his bulge.

Sweet fuck!

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A lover of books, as a teenager Kiru Taye used to read novels under the blanket with a torch at night. These days, with a young family to take care of, she’s still sacrificing sleep for the pleasures of a good book.

During the day though, she transforms her wildly vivid imagination into sensual, atmospheric romance stories with passionate characters.

When she’s not writing or reading, she’d hanging out with family and friends or travelling. Born in Nigeria, she currently lives in the UK with husband and children.

You reach her via her blogFacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Pinterest

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To celebrate the release of Keeping Secrets, Kiru is giving away a goodie pack which includes $20 Amazon gift card, signed paperback of An Engagement Challenge, Keeping Secrets t-shirt and face cap.

Leave me a comment to stand a chance of winning and complete the rafflecopter here to enter the contest.



Hi Kiru – I’m very happy to have you on my blog! Tell me a little about yourself. Where do your ideas come from?

My ideas come from all around me—life in general. It could be from watching people at the park or at the shopping mall or reading a newspaper article. And then I ask myself what if questions to develop the story.

What kind of writer are you?

I’m a by-the-seat-of-my-pants writer. I write page-to-page, scene-to-scene and I never know what’s going to happen until I’ve written it.

How do you balance life and writing?

Well, life takes high priority at the moment because I’ve got a year-old baby boy to take care of. So his needs and that of the rest of my family take up a lot of time these days. So I’m grateful for any writing time I get at the moment.

I know all about that! What drives you to write?

Characters conversing in my head. If I don’t write their stories I might end up being sectioned. LOL

Tell us about the experience of writing your book.

Keeping Secrets is a very dear story to me. Don’t get me wrong, all the stories I write have a place of importance in my heart. But this one has a very special place. I wrote the original draft back in May 2011 at a time when writing novels was very new to me. In fact I had only ever written 2 other stories before this one at the time.

The characters are very vivid and relatable to me. They are people just like me. In fact, I dedicated the story to my late best friend whose life inspired parts of the story.

The actual path to publication hasn’t been very smooth. One publisher rejected it. Another wanted a revise and resubmit. While another one offered me a contract for me. But in the end, I chose to go the indie route. And by the response it has received so far, I’m glad I did.

That’s great! What is your favorite thing about writing?

Creating stories that people enjoy. Providing an escape for a few hours from the daily grind of life.

And what is your least favorite?

Editing. I always cringe when I read some of my editors notes. But I’m always learning and improving.

Tell us about one of your own writing quirks.

Quirks? Hmmm. Okay. My stories usually contain scenes involving water and sex. In Keeping Secrets, it’s in the swimming pool. You have to read it. 🙂

Oh, I will! *grins* As an author, what scares you the most?

Not sure about this one.

And what gives you most gratification?

Emails / feedback from readers who love my books

Which authors most influenced your writing?

Buchi Emecheta, Jackie Collins, James Clavell

What’s next for you?

I’m working on the next instalment of the Passion Shields series, Scores. It should be out July/August 2014.

Who’s your biggest fan?

I’ve got so many fabulous fans. But these ones make my days very often—Kemi, Egoyibo, Kanayo, Henza, Omolara, Abiola, Olusola, and the list goes on.

Awesome – thank you for stopping by, Kiru!

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