The inspiration behind my book characters

So, who are all these characters we authors bring to life? Are they pure products of our imagination, or are there real-life people behind their names, looks, personalities etc.?

Well, every single book of mine has at least one inspiration.

Those of you who were around when I published Wild Hearted already know the badass gangster hero was inspired 100 % by the one and only, the fabulous, actor Michael Wincott.


His to-be girlfriend Luz was named after Spanish pop singer Luz Casal, because I listened to her back in 2011 when I started writing Wild Hearted, and my heroine needed an unusual name.


The psycho kidnapper and rapist was inspired by Overkill frontman Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth – but only his looks, as the guy is the sweetest person there is and one of my favorite artists ever!


Shawn Torien, the rock star hero of my short story My Biggest Fan, was given the last name of another celebrity: Bulletboys vocalist Marq Torien – simply because I dig his voice!


Some of you may know by now that Yushka, the model hero of The Perfect Shoot, was inspired by real-life model Umid Yuldashev. His looks just fit my character – you guessed it, perfectly.


But what you don’t know, is that another character in this book, photographer assistant Angéline, is named after sublimely beautiful model Angelina Cavanaugh!


And last but not least, the baby in High-Risk Fever was named after my twin soul DC Stone! Just because… I love her. Again and again, she has inspired me to keep writing.

Now, who’s next? Any suggestions?

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