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Don’t you just adore the title of this hop – “Color of Love” – it’s so powerful and says so much. I’ve written two stories involving mixed-color characters and I’m currently working on a third. I just love it <3. There’s something absolutely fascinating about blending cultures, races, languages, traditions, and points of view. We are all individuals to begin with, already so very different, right? But what then when two persons born and raised on separate continents meet and, against all apparent odds, fall for each other!

That’s the premise of my Hot Model Mine series, where an all-American erotic romance author meets the sexy Asian cover model of her book. Besides the fact Andrea is fifteen years older than Yushka and a mother of teenagers, the irresistible young man she desires comes from an entirely different world. Oh, the challenges!

Book 2 in the series, “Mine to Love” was released in September and is up for grabs in the giveaway 🙂




Grand prizes:

1st prize: $75 and 6 ebooks

2nd prize: $50 and 5 ebooks

3rd prize: $30 and 5 ebooks

4th prize: $15 and 5 ebooks

5th prize: $10 and 5 ebooks

6th prize: $5 and 5 ebooks

31 books (!) are up for grabs, and they are sorted into two book boxes:

Book box 1: 

Bookbox 1

Book box 2: 

Bookbox 2a

Bookbox 2b

All you need to do for a chance to win is enter the Rafflecopter giveaway.

Now hop on to the other 49 participating authors here.

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4 responses to “Color of Love Giveaway Blog Hop!

  1. me if i was so lucky to meet them i do not now what i say but i met star and work for them they love to have your remember them one way or another rock and burl ives was some great actors i work for and they wlak up to you ahke your hand and not wrry about it

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  2. Andrea and Yushka’s love sounds impossible. On a personal level I’m big on the age thing – especially that much difference, but I’m absolutely happy for anyone who doesn’t have a problem with that. Your story sounds intriguing. I’m curious to know how you kept all the balls (pun, absolutely intended) up on this one

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  3. “…an all-American erotic romance author meets the sexy Asian cover model of her book…”

    Oh, you tempt me! I like this premise very much. And definitely on board with the 15-year age gap.

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