Who He Used to Be by Douglas Black

Congratulations to my fellow author Douglas Black on his new release!



Sometimes it takes a stranger to remind you who you used to be.

Who He Used To Be is an MM erotic romance short story, originally published in 2013 by Secret Cravings publishing. When Secret Cravings closed their doors a few months ago, the rights to the story reverted to me and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to re-edit and bring this story to a bigger audience.




When Jeff, the man Connor moved across an ocean to spend the rest of his life with, announces their relationship is no longer working, Connor is caught unawares. Without Jeff, Connor has no reason to stay in Florida, but he doesn’t want to return to Scotland.

An impromptu visit to a nightclub leads to Connor meeting Parker, a man nothing like clean-cut Jeff and a lot more like the bad-boys Connor used to go for back in Glasgow’s biker bars.

A one-night-stand becomes something more, but the two barely have any time together before Connor is hit by another bolt from the blue.

Jeff decides he wants Connor back, and his offer to start over means Connor has to make a decision. Return to the security of his relationship with Jeff, or jump in at the deep end with Parker and find out if he still remembers how to swim.



Parker arched into Connor, forcing their bodies close. Connor used his hands to move their groins together and Parker moaned. The sound of a door slamming and a ringing bell came to Connor’s attention as though he was hearing them under water, and when Parker tried to pull away, Connor tightened his grasp.

“Jesus,” someone with a soft voice muttered.

Connor forced himself away from Parker in time to see Randy ushering a young girl out the door while simultaneously trying to pay the pizza delivery guy who didn’t seem to know where to look.

Parker squeezed Connor’s hip and smiled at him, prompting Connor’s brain to ask a very strange question regarding just how far Connor would be willing to travel to see that smile.

“Do you guys want me to close the shutters?” Randy was staring, grinning, holding three large pizzas in his hands.

Parker shook his head. “You’re okay Randy, although–”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m going. But I’m taking some beers and a pizza.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

“You owe me,” Randy said.

“That’s probably not true.”

Randy shrugged and looked Connor up and down. “He looks better when he’s not in a suit.”

Connor blushed as Parker stared at him, taking in his old jeans and band T-shirt. Parker nodded. “Yes. Yes he does. Night Randy.”


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Author Bio:

 Born and raised in bonnie Scotland, Douglas Black writes contemporary MM erotic romance. Welcome to your fantasy.


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