We’re ringing in the New Year with lots of giveaways! And by sharing some fun and wacky facts about ourselves. There’s a new giveaway at each stop so be sure to visit them all!


Hello, everybody! My name is Lea Bronsen, and I’m an author, a mother, a partner, and a full-time worker. I’m not sure which comes first, ha ha!

Here are a few fun facts about the quirky me and my blog:

  1. The weirdest thing about me is I can write the dirtiest, meanest, grossest violence scenes in a book – or the hottest dripping sex, lol – and still tear up at the slightest hint of child/animal abuse in real life. This absolutely boggles my mind.
  2. Ever wondered why I’m calling my blog “Lea’s Crazy Nights”? That’s because I’m a die-hard KISS fan, and the first song to shake my soul and change my life forever was Crazy, Crazy Nights back in 1987 🙂
  3. I LOVE cats. I can’t see one, be it a wild disheveled street cat or a fat shiny house cat, and not stop to talk to it and give it some lurrrve.
  4. I love babies, too, and small kids. They’re the best. I’ve had three of those and, sadly, the last one (5 years old) is growing way too fast. I want my baby back! ❤
  5. I can write several books at the same time. At the moment, I’m inside the heads of four main characters belonging to two different stories, and I have no problem jumping from one unique POV to the other. One of these stories – book 3 of the Hot Model Mine trilogy – should be finished mid-February!
  6. The craziest internet search that led to my blog was “Long-haired men with big dicks.” 😀 Ha, how did that happen?!


Giveaway: For a chance to win a copy of any ebook of your choice (see my backlog list here), please tell me what you’d like me to write about next. I will pick a random commenter. Don’t forget to leave your addy so I can contact the winner! This giveaway closes on the last day of the hop.

Thank you for stopping by. Now, hop on to the next blog and say hello!


9 responses to “HELLO BLOG HOP!

  1. Write about…
    a character who loves the center of a Tootsie Pop (or Blow Pop), but hates licking/ sucking on the outside actual lollipop– but also doesn’t like Tootsie Rolls (or gum) unless it comes from inside the lollipop.
    Fun character quirk. And possible romance, if the love interest is willing to lick the outside and give the other character the gooey inners.

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  2. Back when I was still blogging, I saw some pretty strange search strings, too. Some of those even stretched my faith in humanity juuuuust a tad. :p

    How about a long-haired, well-endowed crime lord and/or his trusted right hand/friend, and the female assassin sent to stir up trouble? (How very original, right? Not.) The easygoing male librarian and the aloof, kinky voice actor/actress?


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  3. Hey everyone! Thanks so much for participating and leaving suggestions 🙂

    I have now picked a random winner, and she is… Kanoko!
    Congratulations, I’ll be in touch with you very soon.


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