Desire (Montana Dreams #3) by Cait Jarrod

Congratulations to my co-author and friend Cait Jarrod on her new release!


Title: Desire

Series: Montana Dreams #3 (can be read as a stand-alone)

Author: Cait Jarrod

Release Date: January 18, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Cadence Duvall has a heartbreaking secret. Rather than risk rejection, she pushes away the man who taught her the true meaning of desire. Two years later, her heart still hurts and the guilt remains. She heads to Bluebird Valley, Montana, and her best friend, to bury the memories of a tragedy caused by her careless actions.

After Cadence breaks his heart, Bradley Lovett severs ties with his overbearing parents and takes a position in Florida as a horse trainer at a thoroughbred stable. An urgent phone call from his sister, begging him to help the woman he only wants to forget, sends him to Montana. When Bradley tries to help Cadence face her secrets, he finds forgiveness may be the key to their happiness.




For several long beats, they stared at each other. His internal battles showed in his etched expression, no different from what she believed hers looked like—sadness, hurt, regret. She longed to reach out to him, to touch his skin and relive the tingles that would no doubt cover her skin.

His rock hard body stiffened and all thoughts of closing the gap for physical contact vanished. Thoughts of doing or saying anything evaporated as if an industrial-size vacuum made a pass through the open barn, taking the energy and the air. She had to get out of there, get away from him and his air-sucking presence. She spun on her heels fast, too fast, and stumbled backwards.

His warm hands, strong arms, and firm body engulfed her. Lord help her. She moaned and relished in the body contact, his heat easing her rattled nerves. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, next to her ear. “That was out of line.”

“It’s the truth,” she managed to say, though the intensity in her voice dwindled. “No need for an apology.”

He didn’t reply, didn’t move, just held her close. A soothing feeling sparked her insides, stimulating her libido and exciting her. She relaxed more fully against him, giving him her full weight. With an arm under her legs and one around her waist, he carried her to the front of a large, round hay bale where he lowered to the ground and rested her in his lap. He didn’t speak, didn’t try to kiss her, just held her close and tight. His compassion, his toasty body, and his security oozed a welcoming invitation, and she burrowed into him. Her libido would have to wait; she needed this, wanted his solidness. Inhaling his yummy, outdoorsy scent, she released a slow shaky breath.

“I gotcha,” he said. “I always have.” His words faded as her body gave into the fatigue of not one stressful day, but over seven hundred.





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Author of award-winning romantic suspense Band of Friends series, Cait Jarrod won Reader Choice Awards for best HEA (Happily Ever After), suspense, and Editor’s Choice.

Her heroes have been described as “every girl’s dreams,” the heroines as “strong, down-to-earth, and likable,” the secondary characters “hysterical.” The plots are “fast-paced, unpredictable and clever.”





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