Who’s Your Hero Hop!



This month we’re celebrating the men and women (and animals too!) that rock a uniform–whichever uniform that may be. Military, Police, Firefighter and all others who serve and protect. So…Who’s Your Hero? Stop by each blog for a giveaway and to find out who OUR favorite fictional and real life heroes are…


My favorite hero:

I have many, many uniformed heroes – that’s why I write suspense and erotic romance books, lol! But today, since a beast of a wildfire is raging in Alberta as we speak, I want to say very special thanks to those of our heroes who are willing to sacrify everything – their lives included – to save and protect us, our homes, our belongings, a whole city and its surrounding woodlands…

This picture of Fort McMurray firefighters taking their first break in 30 hours speaks louder than words: ❤




My giveaway:

One lucky winner gets an ebook copy of the contemporary/suspense romance anthology Girl Code I’ve co-authored with Cait Jarrod, D.C. Stone, and Jessica Jayne. Trust me, that book is full of heroes. Uniformed ones, non-uniformed ones… there’s a hero for every taste 😉

You can read more about Girl Code here.

What you need to do for a chance to win? It’s very simple: Like my Facebook page AND tell me what type of hero I should write about in my next book! Leave your comment and email address at the bottom of this page, and I will contact the winner after the giveaway closes on May 18:)


Now, hop on to the next blogs!


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