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Evernight Publishing Dark Captive 2


Everyone has a dark side..,

Dark Captive is an exclusive collection of dark erotic romance stories featuring alpha men with fierce sexual appetites. They’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. And they have their sights on one man. Possessive and bold, these heroes give their conquests exactly what they crave—to be taken … to be owned. Any resistance offered will be tested, but in the end love rules.

Kidnapping, abduction, and sexual slavery are just a few of the titillating taboo themes in this hand-picked manlove anthology.



Ransomed by Doris O’Connor:

A simple enough job. Grab Senator O’Flynn’s golden haired only son, and ransom him for a nice sum of cash.

Until Perry Robson got his hands on the younger man and everything changed.

The instant connection, the raw need to own this Danny boy’s submission, to strip away his secrets, and to protect him from the murky underworld, Perry inhabited.

Unheard of. Unwanted. Dangerous.

Danvers O’Flynn found it easy enough to give his bodyguards the slip, and chase the sexual thrills to be found in the dark alleys of Soho. He didn’t see the danger Perry represented until it was too late.

Caught in Perry’s snare he ought to be terrified. Instead, the whole scenario fed into his dark desires of pain and pleasure.

There could only be one outcome to such a macabre dance…



“Not so sassy now, are you, Danny boy? Shame really, I was rather looking forward to occupying that mouth of yours.” He yanked the gag out of Dan’s mouth and he pulled a much needed drag of air into his lungs.

“Fuck off.” Dan growled the words through clenched teeth and his unknown assailant laughed again, seconds before he clamped his large hand around Dan’s balls, and squeezed. Pain shot up Dan’s body, hot, hard, intense, and he screwed his eyes shut, and bit his lip to stop himself from crying out. Through his closed eyelids he noticed the room get brighter, as the man torturing his junk appeared to have switched the lights on.

When his captor ran his hand up Dan’s shaft to pull on his piercing, Dan couldn’t stop his grunt of what … pain, need, he wasn’t entirely sure which, as the guy changed from a painful squeeze to a soothing caress.

“You’re full of surprises, Danny boy. Tell me, what shall I do with you?”

That question made Dan open his eyes to look at him and his breath stalled in his lungs again at his first proper look at his assailant.

The harsh fluorescent lighting played over features seemingly cut from granite. Stubble graced the man’s jaw, adding to the mean, dangerous look. Shoulder-length black hair framed a harsh face, from which piercing blue eyes regarded him solemnly. Try as he might, Dan couldn’t look away from those intense blue spheres. The man’s gaze pulled him into his will, and when he stepped up the up-and-downward slide on Dan’s cock, that body part stiffened in response. The guy noticed, of course, and increased the motion. Dan swallowed hard when his captor ran his thumb repeatedly over his slit, gently manipulating his piercing in the process. Dan’s cock jumped and hardened further, and he couldn’t stop his groan of pure need as he lifted up his head to watch the other guy’s beefy hand work his dick with unerring precision. It meant he was fast hurtling toward an orgasm he neither wanted, nor needed. It was humiliating to know how easily this criminal manipulated Dan’s body and mind it seemed, as he dropped his voice to a growly whisper which shot straight to Dan’s balls.

“Stop fighting it, boy. This one is a freebie. Let it go and show me how pretty you look when you come for me.”


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