“Would you be willing to undress for us” MWTease from THE AUDITION


Happy Wednesday, and thanks again to the lovely Angelica Dawson for organizing the MidWeekTeases!

This week’s tease comes from my dark erotic crime ménage The Audition, which is scheduled for release on October 20th 🙂

– – –

Davidson, the director, took the cue. “Jaden, would you be willing to undress for us?”

Jaden’s eyes widened. “Undress?

“Yeah, as in, take off your clothes.”

Jaden stared from one man to the other. Are you fucking serious? He wouldn’t dare to say these words aloud, but for God’s sake…

The old smoker grinned, putting his cigar butt in a pack and slipping it into his jacket. “We would like to see a little skin, that’s all.”

As if that made any sense. Jaden shook his head. “But…my part doesn’t include taking my clothes off.”

Davidson said, “The way you handle what we ask from you—and I’m repeating myself—will show us what you’re made of, what you have inside.”

That was the biggest bullshit Jaden had ever heard. He resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

“Look,” the fat producer with the checker suit, Madsen, said. “If you comply with our request, you get the part. It’s not that difficult.”

“You’re telling me if I strip, I get the part?”

“Yes.” Madsen gave him a full-toothed grin.


“Duuude, listen.” The Latino leaned forward again and folded his hands, calmly resting his gaze on him. “You’re not only getting the role, you’re getting the world. This is a huge film production. We’re putting a lot of money into it. We’re gonna distribute the movie worldwide. It will be dubbed to a hundred languages. And who’s gonna get the praise? Huh?”

“What do you mean?”

“Whose face is gonna appear on posters all over the world? Whose name is gonna be the talk of the year? Not mine, not theirs.” He pointed to the three other men. “It’s your name, Jaden. Your face. You’re going to be the star.”

The smoker added, “The biggest star.”

“You’re going to the Oscars,” the Latino insisted. “To Cannes, to the Golden Bear.”

“If you promise…”

“We do.” Davidson nodded, small eyes regarding him through his glasses. “Absolutely.”

“Aren’t you going to interview other actors before you make your decision?”

“We won’t need to,” Davidson replied.

Jaden hesitated. They took him for a fool. He wasn’t born yesterday. But if their production house had what it took to propulse him into fame…then he would give them what they wanted, however awkward their request was.

Gritting his teeth, he wrestled out of his t-shirt, threw it to the desk behind him, took off his shoes and socks, and kicked them beneath the desk.

A silence descended upon the semi-dark room. He could feel the men’s stare lingering on him. Why the hell was it so important to them that he strip?

He unbuckled his belt, slipped out of his pants, and put those atop the desk, too, before straightening his skinny frame.

“And that.” The smoker pointed to his briefs, a small smile lifting the corner of his wrinckled mouth.

You’re kidding me.

A thought struck Jaden, scaring the shit out of him. Goosebumps grew on his arms. “A-are you gonna take pictures?” he asked the director. Coming in, he hadn’t seen any camera, but maybe…

“No, Jaden.” Davidson shook his head and swept the room with a hand. “There’re no cameras, no nothing. Just the four of us. And you.”

“No one’s gonna hurt you,” the Latino added.

Jaden observed him. No, although the handsome, tanned man with the thick black hair resembled the boss of a Mexican drug cartel, he didn’t give Jaden the impression he would hurt him. The question was more how Jaden could expose himself? No one had seen him naked in years. Not Mom, not Dad. He didn’t even dare to shower with his brother, for fear he’d make some rude remark about how feminine Jaden looked, how much muscle he lacked, how he would never get a girl in bed…

As if.

“It’s just that…” He paused, afraid of revealing too much of his insecurity. “I don’t look so good. Please don’t judge my acting abilities on my appearance.”

The director sighed. “Just take it off, Jaden.”

Copyright (c) 2017 Lea Bronsen


The Audition_ebook cover.jpg


Ruthless drug lord Ricardo “El Loco” Ferrer launders his black money by investing in movie productions. As a teen, he learned to enjoy blow jobs in jail. Now a man of power, his favorite pastime is checking out new acting talent…and convincing them to “please” the team of producers.

Young wannabe actor Jaden Moore comes to a shady side of town to audition for a movie part. He longs to shine, wants to walk the red carpet with cameras flashing and a crowd cheering. He assures the film director and the investors he’ll do anything to reach the top, but is he willing to comply with their dirty fantasies?


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