A strange feeling in the pit of his stomach #SexySnippet from Red Black Dawning


Happy Sunday! Sexy Snippets are seven sentences taken from a work in progress or published book, brought to you every Sunday.

Today, I give you a sexy snippet from my dark frontier romance, RED BLACK DAWNING ❤

In this scene, Tókwar has carried the mixed-blood woman back to their shelter after a fight. He doesn’t know what to do with her, she’s too angry and emotional.

* * *


She continued crying silently. He was about to get up when she grabbed his hand and slid her fingers into his palms. They were warm, moist, and her touch caused a faint tremor inside him. “Don’t go,” she pleaded, wet brown eyes staring.

A bit taken aback, he stayed put. What a strange woman, changing mood so fast. And what a very awkward gesture!

No, she asked for a little humanity, that was all. That much he could give her, despite her ugly words, despite her slapping him.

For a moment, they sat together in silence. She sniffing and holding onto him, and he waiting for her to calm. But the way her fingers clung to his sent a current of heat between them. A strange feeling grew in the pit of his stomach, warm and ensnaring.




Anno 1865. Three regional conflicts, three conflicted hearts.

As the Indian Wars rage in Colorado, Ute hunter Tókwar wanders without purpose after finding his wife and unborn son murdered and mutilated by white trappers. Sick with grief, he’s about to leave for the Spirit World when he witnesses a joint Arapaho/Cheyenne attack on a convoy.

Heavily pregnant Annabelle is the daughter of a cotton plantation owner and his black slave. While her fiancé, a renegade Confederate soldier, is imprisoned at Camp Douglas, she flees the Civil War-ravaged Arkansas with a group of settlers to build a new home at the western frontier.

Dog soldier Hevo thirsts for blood. With his band of warriors on the prowl, he aims to avenge the innocents slaughtered at Sand Creek and wipe out all Pale Faces. His plan comes to an abrupt halt when he’s wounded during a raid gone wrong and forced to assist an enemy Ute deliver a baby.

Becoming responsible for a newborn amid the chaos and pain gives Tókwar some solace, but he knows it’s temporary. The beautiful, feisty mixed-blood mother is restless, and despite his growing attraction for her and fatherly love for her son, he and Hevo must travel east and return her safely to her man. But how will he enter the Pale Faces’ war zone without risking his life—or once more losing his heart?


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