No negotiations (Assassin’s Core) by Serenity Snow

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No Negotiations is the fourth book in the Assassin’s Core series. I am working on the fifth one but it will probably be the last one that focuses exclusively on Alexi. The characters I’m looking at for book 6 are Cattail and Zoe. I’m not sure which of them will get the call.

Mirabella McLean was hurt once, having come back home, she was content with the life she built. At least that’s what she told herself. Then, sexy Raegan Greenwater rode into her life and triggered a part of Mira she never knew existed.

However, Mira resists the woman she can’t seem to stop thinking about because Raegan is all wrong for her. She’s too young, too bold, and the dominance rolling off her scares the pants off Mira. But a little lie makes it impossible for her to stay away from Raegan after all, they’re supposed to be dating.

With her back to the wall Mira can allow the nymph that lives inside her to claim the life that’s hers, or she can turn away from the passion infecting her. Mira knows she has to make a choice but will fear win out over love?


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Alexi Russo took a sip of her drink and her lover, sitting on her lap, leaned in closer even as she laughed at something someone said. Tia’s warmth soaked into her, making her cat—the animal half of her—purr silently.

She loved the feel of having her mate close, especially now when their relationship could fall apart if that one little secret was revealed. Alexi had no doubt Tatiana would leave her if she knew the truth.

She didn’t want to lose her, but she wasn’t yet to the point where she wouldn’t kill her if she had to to survive. Alexi had rather never veer from this place, because the cat—she was a jaguar shifter—was as much a part of who she was as her humanity.

The jaguar was protective and strong, used to being more solitary. She could let Tia go now, if it came to that. The deeper she fell in love with her, the more she risked becoming obsessive. She didn’t need that part of her character to come into play with Tia because she was already a big enough liability.

Killing her mate would make Alexi even closer to her animal than she was. She would lose more of her humanity, her heart. She’d become more about survival and blood.

Alexi urged Tia up and her mate gave her a curious look but rose.

“Make it quick,” she ordered as Alexi reached to pull the device from her slacks pocket.

From across the table, Ace Baker, her close friend, caught Alexi’s eye, and she frowned. “Tia, I’m sorry about this.”

“I said make it quick,” she said as she sat down. “We’re relaxing tonight.”

“What is it, Zoe?” Alexi asked tensely.

“Some asshole followed one of the girls to work. He attacked her right in front of the club. Cattail happened to be out here, and she’s taking care of the girl.”

“Coming down,” Alexi murmured. “Get Amaya.” As she headed for the door, Ace met her there.

“No peace for the wicked?” Ace asked.

Alexi grunted. “I take it you’ve been briefed by Cattail.”

“Yeah, you have a medic on staff?”

“Two, one for humans and one for us,” Alexi answered. “Amaya’s been called down, but I’m having her sent to the hospital. I don’t want the feds crawling up my ass over anything that happens to her.”

“It’s funny how they just watched the girl get slapped around and did nothing to stop it.”

“If someone’s out there,” Alexi said. “They can’t get that close to the club without being seen.”

The club was out near the edge of the city with a long stretch of road with nothing around for miles. Alexi kept cans of gas for that very reason and was thinking of getting one of those electric charge stations for those who drove electric cars.

“With nowhere to hide, you might be right. This club might be off limits until they can figure out a way to get someone in. Maybe that girl’s it.”



About the Author

Serenity Snow is an author who loves to read and binge watch Lifetime Movies when she isn’t hanging out with her family. Right now, she’s loving on raspberry tea with too much lemon and vanilla ice cream with salted caramel sauce.


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