Carnivora part 2

Part 2 of the crime thriller Carnivora (the sequel to Wild Hearted) is in the making with an expected release in March 2020. Estimated word count: 37 K.


Cover art: BetiBup33 Design


”Fight Evil with Evil”

Crime lord Tomor is serving a life sentence behind bars. Without warning, he’s abducted by mysterious men. A sick manhunt is on, with people around him dying like flies. He will need all his street flair and gangster skills to prevent his loved ones from ending up on the death list.

Luz grieves the loss of her lover while striving to take care of their baby. The last thing she needs is to fall for the new neighbor.

A year after he betrayed his adoptive father and sent him to jail, David is slowly rebuilding his life. Then everything falls apart again: He learns that Tomor has escaped, and at the same time, his police connections lead him to a child sex trafficking ring involving cold, powerful men.

The cops are in over their heads with “Operation Carnivora” … Perhaps the only one who can help bust the pedophile predators is an equally vicious devil: Tomor, the country’s most hunted criminal.

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Part 2

The noose is tightening. Everybody around him dies like flies.


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The inspiration


Tomor, the main character in Wild Hearted, was inspired by actor Michael Wincott’s roles in the movies The Crow and 1492 Conquest of Paradise, where he has long, wild hair and plays deliciously arrogant villains. In the sequel Carnivora, he is inspired by Mr. Wincott’s roles in Metro and Gunshy, where he has short hair and is more of a convict kind of character.


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The other books in the trilogy:


Part 1 was published in September 2019.

Part 3 is projected for the summer 2020.