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Welcome to our Smexy Romance Blog Hop and Giveaway! Keep reading for your chance to win two prizes – one from me and a Grand Prize featuring a free erotic romance from every author in the blog hop. That’s 23 erotic romances!

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The writing conference in sunny Cannes was fantastical, a dream. Back at home, reality catches up with author Andrea Johnson and the sexy cover model of her book, Yushka. With tough working schedules, challenging family relations, and seductive temptation from all sides, the couple’s explosive romance is put to the test. Will their love be strong enough to have a future?


Smexy excerpt!

A heavy weight across my thighs presses me down into a mattress, awaking me.

What the—?

Arms flailing, I gulp a mouthful of air and try to sit up, but a firm hand to my chest pushes me down again.

“Hey, baby.” A calm, familiar voice. Yushka.

Jesus, why is he straddling me? I open my eyes and blink. It must be middle of the night. Thin light from the street below filters from the window, silhouetting him. I can’t see the front of his body, but long hair falls on his square shoulders. His naked shoulders.

Oh, I remember. I was lying on the bedsheets working on my new manuscript when I fell asleep. He must have moved my laptop.

He leans forward, squeezing a distinct hardness against my stomach. “Sorry to wake you, Beautiful, but I have pressing matters.” Soft breaths blow on my face as he approaches, heat oozing from all of him, before placing his full lips on mine, and nibbling.

How delicious. A moan escapes me.

With a low chuckle, he sits back on his calves. A click sounds, and a blinding ray of light pierces the blackness, revealing his nude body on top of me. He shines a small flashlight on his chest, each perfect muscle creating their own shadows, and descends to his stomach and the trail of hairs going down … to a dark, mushroom-shaped penis head pointing at me.

I widen my eyes. He has my full attention.

“Wanna see what I got?” Flashlight in hand, he strokes his erection with the other, up and down, thumb and index finger slowly squeezing the tip.

My sex awakes, inner muscles tightening and wetting. My mind says it needs sleep, but by God, I want this hunk. Despite his weight, I shift in the sheets. “Do you have any idea how naughty you are?” Fuck, my voice comes out raucous.

He gives a self-conscious grin.

I shake my head. “Why—why are you doing this now?”

“I can’t sleep. Figured I’d better use the time well.”


“Yeah. And I can’t abandon a lady in need. Wet and all.”


“Um…” He gets up so he can reach between my legs, pulls my skirt up, and puts a finger inside my burning pussy. My channel walls instinctively contract around him. “Yep. Dripping.” Removing his finger, he bends forward to kiss me. When I open my mouth, his wet, hard tongue dives inside, explores. Coils around mine, like a slick snake.

I whimper from his ministrations, loving his taste, needing him to invade all of me.

“Shh. Don’t want Ulugh to hear us.” He sits up, moves forward, and points his cock to my mouth. Irresistible. As I flick my tongue out and lick the veined underside, a shiver runs through him. I stroke along his thighs while enveloping my mouth around the firm, velvety penis head and swallowing his shaft as deeply down my throat as I can. So hot, so good.

He groans and slips out of my mouth. “I haven’t had release in two fucking weeks. Wanted to save all that cum for you. There’s a lot of it. Feel here.” He grabs my hand and closes my fingers around his warm sack. “See? Full. And it’s all for you.”

“You’re t-too generous.” Breath hitching, I fondle his balls.

“Oh!” He looks up, hips jerking forward and thrusting his spent cock in the air. The flashlight moves aside, but I’ve seen enough goodie to have juices of arousal gliding out of me and smearing my inner thighs.

“Fuck. Look.” Voice rough, he shines the flashlight back on his erection. A drop of creamy pre-cum appears in the tiny hole. “Like what you see?”

“Of c-course.” I gulp air. “You’re in-insanely hot.”

“How do you want it? In your mouth or in your sweet pussy? I don’t think I can wait.”

I gasp from his dirty words. I’m so slick and ready I splay my trembling thighs underneath him. “I want you to fuck me, Yushka. Now. Please.”

He puts a finger across his grinning lips. “But you gotta promise not to scream.” He turns the ray of light to a bundle of clothes on the floor, finds a condom in a pants pocket, and gives it to me. “Wanna help me with this?”

I grab the foil with shaking hands, crack it, and roll the rubber up his thick shaft. “Now, hurry.” My pussy cramping and leaking with need, I writhe in the sheets. “Do me.”

“Yes, my lady.” He turns the light off, plunging us in blackness, and slaps my butt. “Make room for me.” He lies atop me, crushing me with the weight of his torso, and breathes hard to my mouth while pulling my soaked panties down my legs. “I need to come fast. It’s been too long.”

Oh, his lust is such a turn-on. I mew in anticipation.

With an elbow resting at the side of my head, he lifts his weight off me, separates my thighs with his bony knees, and directs the tip of his cock between my wet folds. “You don’t mind fast?”

“No.” Eager for a quick penetration, I raise my hips toward him, forcing him to enter. He does, and oh, how he fills me… I squeal, of delight. Finally.

“Shh!” With calculated moves, he settles between my legs and pushes farther into me, gliding deliciously in and out. His breath catches with each thrust.

Quick pants escape me. I’m already surfing so high this won’t take long. Just a little more stimulation and I’ll fly over the crest. I put my hands on his firm butt and press him to me, follow his rhythm. Sex doesn’t get better than this. I love feeling him rage inside me, love his forceful banging … love hearing his pained grunts.

There, the intense, regular friction causes waves of heat to shoot through me, one after the other, making me tremble. I push onto him, fast, hard, meeting his gliding moves, rubbing my clit against his heavenly thick and smooth length.

A ring sounds, startling me. His cell phone. What the—!

After a momentary pause, Yushka increases his rhythm, panting through parted lips. “No, not—taking—that.” The ringing continues, but he goes full throttle, chasing our climaxes. Not losing speed, he gets up on his knees and lifts my ass with his large hands to thrust deeper. His pointy penis head hits the bottom of my heated channel, a spot so touchy the pounding causes a bolt of heat to course through me.

“Oh, God, I’m coming!” So amazingly fast. Hot liquid shoots out of my pussy. Caught in a whirlwind of sensations, I throw my head back and slam a palm over my mouth to stifle a scream. My thighs wobble uncontrollably while my sex contracts with insane force, milking his cock in a mind-boggling discharge.

The shrill ringing fills the room.

“No!” He continues thrusting. “I—won’t—take it!” He slams into me with loud smacks of his thighs against my butt, giving me delicious after-shocks until a long, plaintive groan erupts from deep in his throat.




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