The Bucket List by Douglas Black

Squeal! I have Douglas Black on my blog again, with his new release The Bucket List! It’s an M/M erotic romance released Aug. 5 by Loose Id Publishing. Congratulations!

The Bucket List

What a gorgeous cover! The main characters have graciously agreed to answer a few questions, so here goes.

Hello guys, and welcome. I’m very excited to have you here. What are your names? 

Blake: Blake.

Kade: Kade. Kade Doherty. Although about a year ago I came dangerously close to becoming Kade Doherty-McGee. That’s a long story, and I don’t know you well enough to want to share it with you. All you really need to know is that I came to my senses… with a little help.

B: With a lot of help.

K: [rolls eyes] A bottle of Rescue Remedy and a few sleeping pills does not constitute ‘a lot of help’.

B: I did more than that.

K: Yeah… Yeah. You did.

Lea: [smiles] How did the two of you meet?

K: In an Asian supermarket in the east end of Glasgow. He hit on me. Tried to pick me up. Who tries to pick up guys in a supermarket?

B: [laughs] It worked, didn’t it.

K: Only because I had temporarily taken leave of my senses.

B: That implies you think you’re back in possession of them.

K: Don’t push it.

Lea: Seems like you’re a fun couple. Where did you grow up? How do you feel about it now?

B: Originally, I’m from Dandenong. It’s a suburb of Melbourne, just at the foot of the Dandenong Ranges. Don’t worry. Pretty much no one I meet has ever heard of it, so it’s easier to say I’m from Melbourne. Or Sydney, where I went to university. Or maybe I should just tell people I’m from Australia and then not offer any more detail. That would be easier. I might start doing that.

How do I feel about it now? Well, it’s been ten years since I last went back there. I think that says it all, don’t you?

K: Unlike Blake, I never saw the point in chucking myself willy-nilly across the surface of the earth. I grew up outside of Glasgow, I went to university in Glasgow and then spent four years living in the west end of Glasgow.

B: Even though he doesn’t really like Glasgow.

K: It seemed appropriate at the time.

B: Appropriate? Yeah, because ‘appropriate’ is always fun.

Lea: What do you do for a living?

B: I own a watersports business on the banks of Loch Lomond. I’m not exactly turning a profit at the moment, so I suppose you could say I’m a failing watersports instructor who is desperately trying to make things work so I don’t have to go back to Australia with my tail between my legs. And without Kade. I don’t want to leave Scotland unless Kade is coming with me.

K: I don’t know about moving to Australia, but things are pretty up in the air for me right now and I have no real need to stay in Scotland. I’m an accountant, or at least I was an accountant. I was damn good at my job, but then a whole bunch of stuff happened, again stuff that I don’t feel like talking about right now, and I ended up quitting. Now, I give my skills away for free trying to sort out this idiot’s finances. Honestly. You should see his idea of filing receipts. [shakes head].

Lea: What’s currently your biggest responsibility/commitment?

B: That’s easy. My biggest responsibility is Kade. I’ve taken on the task of making him happy again, since for a while there it didn’t look like he was going to do it himself. He deserves to be happy. He’s let people treat him like crap for far too long.

K: While that sounds incredibly soppy and while I am incredibly grateful, I would have to say that my biggest responsibility right now is sorting out your damn accounts so you don’t go bankrupt and end up getting deported.

B: Can they deport me if I go bankrupt?

K: I’m not sure. I’d have to look it up.

B: See? We make a great team!

Lea: [laughs] Who’s your best friend? 

K: I suppose I should say Ian, who was basically responsible for me meeting Blake. He was the one who wrote me a stupid bucket list to follow to help break me out of my shell after I got dumped. Without that list, I would never have gone to that Asian supermarket, so I wouldn’t be sitting here now. But… it feels better to say that Blake is my best friend.

B: I’m not going to argue with that.

Lea: And who’s your biggest enemy? 

K: I’m not sure about enemy. That sounds very dramatic. But the person I would most like to make watch as something they love catches on fire would be Niall, my ex. He’s a knob, to put it mildly.

B: A knob with a broken nose.

K: [laughs] Yes. Thank you for that.

B: [flexes hand] Pleasure. Anytime.

Lea: I love your humor, guys. So, do you have any scars, tattoos, piercings?

K: I spent far too long working a respectable job to even contemplate tattoos or piercings. Blake, though… Blake’s got his nipple pierced. He wears this little blue bar, a tiny little thing, but… let’s just say touching it can provoke some interesting reactions. Right, Blake?

B: No comment.

Lea: What’s your greatest talent?

B: I think I’ll let Kade answer that one [winks].

K: My mother might be reading this. I better not say.

Lea: Your mother…? [clears throat] My blog is probably not suitable for her. Anyway, what are you the most hopeless at?

K: Life.

B: Kade! That counts as putting yourself down. You’re not supposed to do that anymore.

K: Sorry. It is true though…

B: Yeah, but remember what I told you? You have to try and hide the crazy, otherwise you scare people.

Lea: Very true. How do you feel, generally, about the opposite sex?

B: If you’re asking me do I like women, of course! I love women. But don’t plonk a naked one in my bed unless you want to listen in on a very in-depth discussion about the weather. I wouldn’t know what else to do with her.

K: Same. You better hope that in the event of a nuclear holocaust, we aren’t the only two men left alive, because there is no way either of us would be capable of helping out with the task of repopulating the earth.

Lea: Indeed, which leads me to the next question. How do you feel about children? Do you want to have your own?

K: I can’t keep a pot plant alive for longer than a fortnight and although I think Blake would make a wonderful father, I mean that in the sense that our children would always be laughing, running wild and covered in mud, but also a few seconds away from life-threatening danger at all times.

B: Hey!

Lea: [laughs] Where do you see yourselves in ten years time?

K: I want to be completely free from the stupid voice in my head that tells me I’m not good enough, and I want to have learned to stop panicking about the little details. I want my career to be back on track and I want to be financially secure again. And I want to still be with Blake.

B: Wow. I was about to say that as long as I’m with Kade, I don’t care where I am or what I have, but I feel kind of stupid saying that now.

K: Oops. Sorry. What I meant was… I don’t need material goods or the feeling of security. I could be living in a cardboard box and it wouldn’t matter as long as I had you…. It would have to be a pretty big cardboard box, though. Preferably one made out of stone with at least two storeys and glass windows and a lockable front door… I do love you, though!

B: Yeah, yeah. I believe you. Thousands wouldn’t.

Lea: Okay… [glances at notes] …that’s it. Thank you, guys! Very nice to have you here, and I look forward to reading your book.


Short blurb from The Bucket List:

When Kade Doherty gets dumped, his friends write him a bucket list, but nobody warns him that following it will result in Kade meeting a man who seems intent on turning his world upside down.


When Kade Doherty gets dumped, he expects sympathy from his friends. Instead, he gets a bucket list. His friends want to help him enjoy life again, but Kade isn’t convinced a list of outlandish leisure pursuits will help much with that. To keep the peace he goes along with the plan and in the process, he meets Blake.

Blake’s Australian accent and surfer-boy looks are the stuff of sexual fantasies and Kade surprises everyone – including himself – when he wastes no time making a move.

Kade goes with Blake into the Scottish highlands, but just as he is beginning to get used to life with his very own Mr. Australia, reality comes knocking. Kade’s newfound happiness falls apart when his abusive ex demands they meet. Blake senses something is wrong and he wants to help, but Kade knows he can’t confide in Blake.

After all, Kade hasn’t exactly been honest. He might feel like a different man when he’s with Blake, but Kade knows he’s still just an accountant from Glasgow with slight obsessive compulsions and a bucket list that someone else wrote. He knows Blake won’t hang around, let alone help, when he finds out the truth.

Or will he?


Author Bio:

Douglas Black was born and raised in bonnie Scotland. An archaeologist by trade, he started writing MM erotica as a means of avoiding starvation at university. He returned to the genre in 2012.


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