The Love Commission by Vicki Ballante



Gelsey is a savannah sprite—a fairy in Africa who works to preserve the earth. She’s a pro at eco-balance, but when the fairy queen gives her a commission to become a human to learn the meaning of love, she’s miserable. She has to give it her best as it’s the only way to get her dream job—to save the African Wild Cat.

After a short time in her new life, Gelsey is swept into the world of Evan’s love. Now, she must make an impossible choice—give up her life with the man who owns her heart or lose her fairyhood forever.


Excerpt :

When Evan took her home, she gladly walked toward her door. She took out her keys, but he held her by her waist, stopping her.

“What’s wrong, Evan?”

He didn’t speak. Instead, his gaze focused on her mouth. Was he waiting for her to say something?

“Oh, thank you so much for the meal. I love seafood.”

He smiled but his face drew closer to hers. Heat sprinkled over her at his closeness. He was about to kiss her. She’d seen a human kiss once while saving a domestic cat from being killed by a neighboring dog. The couple had stood by the front door, just like Evan and she were, and their mouths had connected for a long time, like the touch of an insect on a pond, suspended, causing little ripples. She’d walked away, almost disgusted with their strange behavior.

Somehow, everything seemed different. Something rose up within her—a hunger for his skin to touch hers. When his mouth rested on hers, tingles and warmth flooded her body. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer. Their lips seemed to dance together with unplanned movements, each one a drum beat stirring up something powerful in her body and soul. Here was a magic she’d never known. Had any fairy experienced this before? Did they know what kissing felt like?

Much to her disappointment, he pulled away but placed his palm on her cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow, my love.” His nose touched hers, and she tried to kiss him again, but he pulled away.

“Kissing can wait.” His eyes held a tease.

He drove away, leaving her standing by her front door. For a minute she felt lost, unable to remember what to do next. Then she laughed at herself. Fumbling with the key, she went inside and lay down on her bed.

Strange dreams punctuated her sleep—visions of flying up a mountain, something she’d never done. She swam in the sea like a sea fairy and had a stomach swollen with human child. The last one made her jump up with a start. What if she did become pregnant? The queen or Ziana hadn’t mentioned the possibility. All Ziana had said was she should take a special pill from the start of her time in the human world. The pill would stop her from having a baby, just as the humans were in a habit of doing. Ziana obviously knew she would never fall pregnant if she took the medicine. At least she was safe from bearing a human child. If she bore a child, she would be stuck as a human much longer, if not forever.

Ziana had also told her to study sex. She’d read some articles on the Internet and watched a few videos, but they’d horrified her so much she hadn’t spent much time on them.

Kissing was fine but Evan would expect more. Sweat trickled down her temples. She rose and walked to the bathroom to wash her face.

Being a human, she shouldn’t be afraid of sex. It was a natural process of human reproduction. The act just seemed so bizarre. The animal mating habits were straightforward. Maybe the cats could get a little noisy, but there weren’t all these different techniques and ways to do things to make it more pleasurable. Why should it be pleasurable? It was done to make children.

Herein lay the whole question behind her commission. She’d become the guinea pig. The experiment.

Tears came to her eyes. Did the queen know how much this would hurt? How confused she would feel? Afraid and lost? No fairy would ever understand. Neither would a human. She was totally alone. Gripping her arms around her abdomen, she stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Her hair stood up on one side, flat on the other. Her eyes appeared like two murky pools full of algae and filth. Even her cheeks appeared more hollow than usual. Ugh, she looked awful! Loneliness had never featured in her world. She’d been too busy and there’d always been winged friends around to talk to, to laugh and sing with.

The emotion felt like a cold, heavy blanket resting upon her, seeping its icy tendrils right down to her bones. She went back to bed but couldn’t sleep for hours. Eventually, she fell into a fitful sleep.

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Author Bio:

Vicki writes erotic and fantasy romance. She loves taking her characters into an alternate world where strange and sexy things happen. She lives with her patient husband and three noisy kids in South Africa. In between being a busy stay-at-home Mom who hates housework and spends half her life cooking everything from scratch, she runs several blogs, writes under another name, and buries herself in the delightful world of her characters.

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At Second Glance by Vicki Ballante


 At Second Glance

Vicki Ballante



Four years after her divorce, Merryn decides she’s ready to find someone. Joining an online singles site, she connects with the perfect guy. Funny, sexy, sensitive. When he suggests they meet, excitement compels her to say yes.

Kirk pines for his ex-wife, but realizes he must move forward. After several stimulating online chats, he believes she might be the one for him. Smart, sexy, willing to experiment and learn. But when he happens across his ex, all his plans fly out the window.

Will Merryn learn to relax and have fun without giving her heart? Can Kirk forget the past and become the man he longs to be?



While the warm spray fell on her, he came up behind her, his male form tight against her. She gave a shaky sigh, longing rising within her again. He pressed his erection against her backside cheeks and eased in between them. She liked the sensation of pressure against her butt, teasing her crack. Was she ready to explore this?

“Tell me if you wish for me to stop.”


He kissed the back of her neck, the roughness of his slight stubble sending shivers down her spine. She arched her neck, and his cock hardened, entering her crack, enticing her. She twisted under his touch, the water making them slick and smooth against each other. Their bodies writhed together, and she spun around for him to put his dick into her. Her wet breasts rubbed his chest. He gave her a tentative kiss, tasting her mouth with his tongue. Fire shot into her belly as their tongues connected, but he didn’t thrust into her yet. As he slicked his torso against her nipples roughly, tingles of pleasure made delirium take over. Every part of her sexuality thrilled.

“Wait.” He stepped out of the shower, dripping wet puddles on a path to the room. He came back with another condom.

Her body was impatient. How could she wait? He came back to her and picked up where he left off, this time bringing his cock towards her. She had to stand on her tiptoes to take him inside her. With the moisture of the shower, he sank in with ease, the angle sending shards of pleasure through her core. He thrust gently at first, then more fervently. She could do nothing but groan as she climaxed, the sound of Kirk’s moans matching hers, his body thrashing against hers.

Exhausted, she soaped herself with her back to him, unable to face Kirk yet. She felt almost embarrassed at the way her wanton behavior took over.

Would he know how long she had wanted this? How she wished she had given them more of a chance? Or how much she still needed him? Could he know she’d dreamed about him at night in her sleep? Upon waking up, she’d regarded those dreams as crazy remnants of a disturbed marriage.

He picked up a facecloth and foamed it with soap. He rubbed it down her back, arms, legs, and derriere, all the while touching her gently with his body. Oh, how good his touch felt. Why couldn’t he have done this before, when she really needed it? The intimacy brought tears to her eyes, clogging her throat.

His reached his soaped hands around and cupped her breasts. She sighed with contentment. She’d needed his touch, his hands upon her in a perfect combination of firmness and gentleness. He showed no impatience or roughness except at their height of passion. Instead giving off all warmth and fire and sweet pleasure.

Was it the wretched wedding ring that had wrung out all the passion? Or had she changed? And he? There were no solid answers. She’d promised herself there wouldn’t be any emotional attachment. She had to leave before she wanted to stay the whole night. Without giving away her sudden panic, she stood under the spray to rinse, stepped out, grabbed a towel, and dried herself. While he soaped himself, she dressed and sat on the couch to wait for him, rubbing her hair with her fingertips to take out the intense moisture. Panic rose in her throat.

“Hi.” He came to the room, his hair glistening, his face relaxed, and a shy grin on his face.

A twinge of nausea ran through her. What had she just done? She’d made love to Kirk, her ex-husband, twice in one night, and had intimate contact in the shower. She’d bared a very personal need and part of her soul to the man she’d grown to hate years ago. He would expect more. His tenderness a few minutes ago had indicated that. She wasn’t ready for more. She’d already given him a part of her heart again. A part he could wring into a hurtful ball.



Vicki writes erotic and fantasy romance. She loves taking her characters into an alternate world where strange and sexy things happen. She lives with her patient husband and three noisy kids in South Africa. In between being a busy stay-at-home Mom who hates housework and spends half her life cooking everything from scratch, she runs several blogs, writes under another name, and buries herself in the delightful world of her characters. When growing up, her school friends asked her if she wanted to be a nun. She always said “no.” Wonder whether they’d agree if they read her books.



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