Dark Captive

The multi-author dark erotic romance anthologies Dark Captive were released by Evernight Publishing in May 2016.



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Lea Bronsen is featured in the manlove edition:



Everyone has a dark side…

Dark Captive is an exclusive collection of dark erotic romance stories featuring alpha men with fierce sexual appetites. They’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. And they have their sights on one man. Possessive and bold, these heroes give their conquests exactly what they crave—to be taken … to be owned. Any resistance offered will be tested, but in the end love rules.

Kidnapping, abduction, and sexual slavery are just a few of the titillating taboo themes in this hand-picked manlove anthology.

Be Warned: m/m sex, BDSM, forced seduction, spanking.


The manlove stories:

“Ransomed” by Doris O’Connor
“Collecting His Debt” by Angelique Voisen
“I Love the Way You Hurt Me” by James Cox
“Shanghai” by Pelaam
“Taken” by Michelle Graham
“Get Off Hard” by Lea Bronsen
“Uninvited Love” by L.J. Longo
“Runner” by Kai Tyler


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The manlove edition is also available in paperback!







On release day, the manlove edition hit #35 on Amazon.uk’s bestsellers list “Gay & Lesbian Short Stories”.

It also hit #47 on Amazon.com’s bestsellers list “GLBT Short Stories”.



The next day, both collections became the #1 and #2 Bestsellers on Bookstrand, in the “Erotic Romance: Anthology” category.

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They also became the #1 and #2 Bestsellers on All Romance eBooks, in the “Anthology/Bundle eBooks” category.

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A week after release, the manlove edition was the #26 Bestseller on All Romance eBooks, all categories.



In September, it was awarded “Top Pick” at The Romance Reviews.



In November, it was nominated to the final voting round of the Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards 2016 in the “Anthologies” category.






5 stars

Dark Captive is a multi authored darker MM anthology with some rough and gritty stories inside. Ransomed by Doris O’Connor, Collecting his Debt byAngelique Voisen, I Love the Way You Hurt Me by James Cox, Shanghai byPelaam, Taken by Michelle Graham, Get Off Hard by Lea Bronsen, Uninvited love by L.J. Longo, and Runner by Kai Tyler. All are really well written and well done stories. In this review I am going to pick out just a couple I liked as to not give away all the secrets inside of this anthology.

Collecting His Debt by Angelique Voisen. Well I would read anything Ms. Voisen wrote so I can safely say I am a huge fangirl of hers. In this book we have Carter he is a very sweet character who has a darkness in him too. He is going into a trap and James cannot help himself he has to save him, but can he keep the man he loves? What kind of world could a rich boy and a cleaner be in love? I liked this one a lot it is gritty and rough. Just like James. I also liked the connection the characters have, that is what kept me reading and cheering. Very engaging and hot sex does not hurt either.

The next story I would say for me stood out is a new to me author. Get Off Hard by Lea Bronsen. In this story we have two hot hockey players who cannot decide if they want to kill each other or well be between the sheets with each other. Their story has many layers to it. One is a rookie who has had a rough time of it. He needs to have faith again. The other is a pro who has a ton of past pain he is carrying around. These two could have had a much longer story, I did feel this short was just a beginning for them. Loved the connection and the whole story itself for this one.

Over all this anthology is edgy and a little dark. But if you like your men rough and tough this is the anthology for you.

Five Shooting Stars

– Tina, Redz World Reviews


5 stars


This was an awesome collection of short and dark stories and that me from the first. They are short and very sexy and left me wanting more of the stories. Maybe the authors will expand of them at some point. Either way, I loved them all and in the process found a few authors that were new to me, who I will be checking out. If you love dark and steamy MM books, grab this one!!

– Rhonda


5 stars

With eight authors providing selections for the DARK CAPTIVE ANTHOLOGY: MANLOVE EDITION, the only thing I knew before reading was the stories shared a common “dark” theme.

Although I had only heard of one of the authors before, this anthology gave me a renewed appreciation for writers in the m/m genre.

Doris O’Connor gets the first spot with RANSOMED, which sets the tone for a steamy interlude featuring a kidnapping. What set this apart was the instant attraction between Perry and Danny.

COLLECTING HIS DEBT by Angelique Voisen continues the dark theme with a man called The Debt Collector who rescues Carter from a terrible beating. This story was my favorite not only because of the intense chemistry between the characters, but also the fresh storyline.

James Cox sets the stage for a jailer/prisoner storyline in I LOVE THE WAY YOU HURT ME. Once again, this story stands out for the intensity between the characters. There’s plenty of drama in the midst of the spice.

Of the contributing authors, the only one I had read before was Pelaam. In SHANGHAI, readers get a look at Noah’s second chance at love. There is a solid BDSM theme running throughout the story.

Michelle Graham, Lea Bronsen, L.J. Longo and Kai Tyler all have stories in the anthology, helping to create a phenomenal reading experience.

– Rachel’s Willful Thoughts, The Romance Reviews


5 stars

Awesome anthology of dark erotic m/m romance stories.

– Kiru Taye


5 stars

Dark Captive: Manlove Edition is a compilation of eight MM stories from some of our favorite BDSM authors. All of the stories have a centralized theme involving kidnapping and non-consent but what results is pure decadence as we are witness to some scintillating taboo scenes that will result in nothing less than a happily ever after. Granted, getting there is most of the fun.

Described as dark erotica, some of the alphas in these stories are the type of men that chances are, when you see them, the hairs on the back of your neck rise and you suddenly want to be anywhere but here. Others would fit right in at a political fundraiser. They all have a bit of darkness in them and it’s through the light in their submissive counterparts that reminds them that they’re truly alive.

To borrow from Doris O’Connor’s story, All the men “simply oozed leashed aggression, and dominance” and that’s exactly how we like it.

LIKES: While the stories have generalized themes, they’re unique. Each story is well told with incredible interactions between the two men. The respective internal dialogues helped to keep the stories moving and the intent clear. The interactions between the characters, particularly the battles of will (there are many) and the eventual coming around. The happily ever afters helped to soften the darkness in the stories.

For those who enjoy stories with strong male characters, taboo BDSM, and scintillating interactions, this was a great read and admittedly, I devoured all of it. More, please.

– Gabrielle Sally, The Romance Reviews


5 stars


Let me start off by saying that this book is a departure from my usual faire of books that I indulge in. I’m pretty much your male/female kinda gal, though I do enjoy male/male/female books depending on who is writing them. (i.e Tymber Dalten, Doris O’Connor ect.) So, it was because Doris had a story in this anthology that I grabbed a copy from her and took a bite. I wasn’t disappointed.

Her story, Ransomed, A contract-for hire named Perry is given an assignment to kidnap Danvers O’Flynn, the golden boy senators son. But when he finds the engaged, soon-to-be-married man in a back alley in Soho, London giving blow jobs to undeserving men, he figures out pretty quickly Danny-boy isn’t what he thought he was. After a hot interlude between the two, Perry knocks him out and takes him home, where he ties him to his bed. There he decides to engage in some very hot D/s play while waiting to see if Danny’s father and future father-in-law paw the ransom. The story takes some surprising and not so surprising twists and turns from there, but I really enjoyed it.

So much so, I decided to venture forth in the book and found I also liked Runner by Kai Tyler, Collecting His Debt by Angelique Voisen and Taken by Michelle Graham. The other authors, James Cox, Pelaam, Lea Bronsen, and L.J. Longo wrote equally juicy tales as well. They all did a rather great job at portraying the dark theme of the book and I can’t wait to read it’s male/female counterpart. But for those of you who enjoy a little darkness with your man loving. Dark Captive is it!

4 and a ½ Orgasms for the book, but a big ole 5 Orgasm shout out for Doris O’Connor’s Ransomed!

– Knotty Girl Reviews


5 stars

I couldn’t help myself and totally dived into this. Pleasantly surprised and couldn’t put it down!

– D.C. Stone


5 stars

When I realized this anthology included a short story by Pelaam, my excitement level shot through the roof! I’ve been following Pelaam’s work for many years – even from her Literotica days. I remember lying in bed at age 16 reading her stories on my cell phone at night with the cover drawn over my head, and falling in love with her strong alpha men and distressed, dazzling twinks. So of course I was all over this anthology when it landed in my grubby little hands, and I totally enjoyed Shanghai by Pelaam.

Dark Captive: Manlove Edition is an anthology with eight romance M/M stories.

It is a fantastic collection of shorts, and a definite recommendation for those who like their erotica on the darker side.

Story themes throughout the anthology include abduction, kidnapping, forced seduction, sexual slavery and BDSM – it basically describes 97% of my entire TBR list in tags.

A special mention has to go out to Doris O’Connor, as I particularly enjoyed her story Ransomed. Be warned, however, this story includes themes of cheating, which I know is a trigger for many M/M readers. The main character Perry, a contract-for-hire, is charged with kidnapping a senator’s golden boy son, Danvers O’Flynn. Danvers is engaged to be married, but when Perry finds him in some dingy Soho back alley in London giving out blowjobs, he soon figures out that Danvers really isn’t the golden boy everyone thinks he is.

After a hot encounter together, Perry knocks Danvers out and takes him back to his home where he ties his captive to the bed. What follows is a delicious array of D/s scenes that plays out while Perry waits to see if Danvers’ old man and future father-in-law come up with the ransom. The story takes some surprising and yet not surprising twists, but it’s well written, well executed and damn hot!

Shout outs to the other authors in the anthology: Kai Tyler for the short but impactful Runner, Collecting His Debt by Angelique Voisen and the deliciously dark Taken by Michelle Graham. The other authors including Lea Bronsen, James Cox and L.J. Longo wrote equally juicy tales that will appeal to any dark erotica fan’s tastes.

For those looking for a little darkness in their man on man loving, the Dark Captive: Manlove Edition anthology has it!

A resounding 5 hearts for this collection. And I for one hope Evernight Publishing continues with this series in the future.

– Lous, Kimmer’s Erotic Book Blog


5 stars

Awesome collection of some really steaming and hot stories, damn!! Enjoyed every one from single word to single word.

– Anne


5 stars

If you like dark twisted M/M stories you’ll love this book. But be warned there’s a lot of non-con and kidnapping so if that’s not your thing this might not be a good anthology to read. But if you like the dark stuff these stories are very well written. I highly recommend them.

– Heather West


4 and a half stars


I’m a Doris O’Connor fan on a good day! Throw in a M/M story that’s well written with a couple twists, it becomes a great day! Her story, Ransomed, didn’t seem like something I’d ever see her write, but she did a great job with it. Perry is that shadowy uncle that the family doesn’t really talk about but he pops up at crazy times to remind you that he’s around. His interactions with his Danny boy were a bit worrisome at the beginning but I love she tied it all up at the end. Angelique’s Collector and Carter, sweet together from start to finish, with only a tiny hiccup in the middle. James, or Collector as he starts off, realizes a flaw in his plan and turns into a bit of a jerk. Otherwise, it was a smooth flowing story.

The reason I took off a half star is because of repetitiveness. In the first three stories, it seemed to repeat a bit to me. I may be the only one that notices but I did notice. It doesn’t take away from the individual stories but it is noticeable to me.

– Kimmy T


4 stars


This book is a toe curling experience that will make you dream. Great stories to fuel the imagination.

– Dana


4 stars

Great collection of dark short stories. Definitely recommend this anthology for those who like darker erotica. Stories include subjects such as: abduction, sexual slavery, kidnapping, forced seduction, BDSM.

I absolutely loved: “Shanghai” by Pelaam, “Runner” by Kai Tyler, “I Love the Way You Hurt Me” by James Cox

– Leda


4 stars

A great bundle of semi dark to dark, M/M stories Doris topped it off and loved it, I read 5 enjoyed each one of them. Ill be back to add the reviews for the last three. Talented authors, awesome stories

Ransomed by Doris O’Connor: We don’t all get to choose how our lives play out. If you have a power hungry father and he has rich friends. Children of high society/polital front runners has their life taken over by the parents. Its all about whats to be gained.
Danny is just one of the unlucky one with a parent like that, his sole purpose was what he’d bring to his fathers bid for the white house.
Will Danny’s capture be his downfall or his saving grace? Nice quick read, detailed enough for me to keep turning the pages. Enjoyed the characters as well as the story line. A bit of BDSM, a bit of hot, a bit of passion. It was fun enjoy.

Collecting His Debt by Angelique Volsen: 4 stars. They say revenge is best served cold, well the Debt Collector had 10 years to let his hate freeze and make him into a monster.
Carter’s dad is a donkey, and that’s the nicest word I can come up with. Carter himself has to hide his feelings, he has to have quick meets in a dark alley’s never getting the chance to love or be loved.
James gets to know first hand the meaning of best laid plans and just how things can change. Things that were once important, just doesn’t matter.

I love the way you hurt me by James Cox: Ah that forbidden fruit and the heaven when find in its taste. Devil is a CO in a male prison, a hard ass and doesn’t have a problem laying his baton upside a head when needed.
The forbidden fruit comes in the form of Sheamus, a quiet first time criminal. There’s more than one set of eyes on the shy little red headed cutie. Fight equals revenge, mess with mine I break yours.

Shanghai by Pelaam: I enjoyed this alot, even though it was a quick read the story line was capturing. Two males one semi broken the other all the way broken. How they met and what the Dom did in getting what he wanted. Society always seems to want to dictate what the norm is. But the norm is as individual as any couple can be. Strive to be yourself, trusting when you are so full of fear. Some turn to anger to hide the broken, some turn to loneliness. When a Dom spots the sub he watches, and sees more in him than any other did. Will patience win the night?

Taken by Michelle Graham: There is always a bit of strange in kink, its all good when whatever it is, is consensual. The Warehouse I’m sure doesn’t even know what the word means. All they know is money will get you what you want how you want it.
Diego been there done that, he should be ok with what happened behind closed doors. All of a sudden he wasn’t and chaos reigned. Ty spent most of his young life in the warehouse, being a prize for what ever Dom paid the price.
Even dark sometimes has enough of dark, the sound of a whip a scream of pain and Diego has reached his limit of what he is ok with.

– Daria


4 stars


Ransomed – Doris O’Connor: Perry, a contract killer, was given the job of kidnapping a high profile man’s son. He comes across him one night in an ally occupied, doing something his father would greatly disapprove of.

Danny is engaged to the daughter of the man who has the funds to help his father politically, the only problem is that Danny is gay.

Perry finds himself drawn to young Danny and instead of killing him, he has other plans. But first he must prove the young man is dead.

Will Danny be grateful and embrace his new identity and will he embrace Perry as well.

– Nicole J. Plummer


3 stars

3.0 – “Ransomed” by Doris O’Connor – fantastic edging scene – lost points for weird disruptive time gap.

4.0 – “Collecting His Debt” by Angelique Voisen – revenge kidnapping that backfired.

3.5 – “I Love the Way You Hurt Me” by James Cox – prison guard/convict – violent with a sweet ending – lost points for being too short, damn it!

2.0 – “Shanghai” by Pelaam – angry sub who liked dressing up – no manties – emotion didn’t come through in BDSM scene – Kim Dare does this type of story well.

1.0 – “Taken” by Michelle Graham – rescued sex slave – S&M – poorly developed – no emotion.

4.5 – “Get Off Hard” by Lea Bronsen – down & out retired masochistic GFY hockey player found himself with younger player.

4.0 – “Uninvited Love” by L.J. Longo – suppressed virgin (Asian) Indian kidnaped prostitute trying to turn over new leaf.

2.0 – “Runner” by Kai Tyler – Russian mob kidnapping/payment – not enough page time for Stockholm Syndrome buildup.

– Theresa



About Lea Bronsen’s story Get Off Hard:


Former hockey champion Slay was dethroned after the loss of his baby and subsequent divorce that led him into isolation and alcoholism. For years, he has lived a shitty life at the ice rink, employed to do the dirty jobs. The loneliness kills him. The memories haunt him. The only way to subdue the pain inside is to hurt himself.

A new player is traded into the team. Ricky is handsome, hot-tempered … and gay. Though Slay is strictly into women, he enjoys fighting with the brawler on the ice, and their rough interaction arouses him. When Ricky gives him the eye, Slay wonders if he might be the playmate he’s waiting for. But is Slay able to have a relationship with a man, and is Ricky up for Slay’s hard sex games?

In order to find out, Slay locks him in and shows him how the bad guys do it…




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