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A Thorned Rose in the Sand_200x300.jpg Man60-sensational-premadecover-Jayaheer2015-TORN AVENGER girlcode-customdesign-jayAheer2015-complete Fiery 1016_eBook cover 200x300 play-with-me_cover theperfectshoot3 minetolove2 thehotterthelove HighRiskFeverHighRes LeaBronson-JayAheer2015-ver3-finalCover my-biggest-fan Dark and Dirty The Audition_ebook cover Dark-Captive2-Evernightpubishing-Jayaheer2016-smallpreview Surprising-Myself-cover-audio





RED BLACK DAWNING, a dark frontier romance

47800 / 80000 words. 60% done!


SHADE ADDICTION, a dark erotic romance

5400 / 22000 words. 25% done!


CARNIVORA, a crime thriller

48500 / 87000 words. 56% done!


KILL FOR DESIRE, a romantic suspense co-written with D.C. Stone

23300 / 60000 words. 39% done!



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