Hot Model Mine trilogy

The erotic interracial romance Hot Model Mine was originally released as three books by Evernight Publishing (The Perfect Shoot in 2014, Mine to Love in 2015, and The Hotter the Love in 2016), then re-published as one by the Writers in Crime in February 2023 with a new cover.


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When Andrea Johnson, writing as author Cindy Vega, signed up for a Meet & Greet with the cover model of her latest book, she didn’t expect sparks to fly. Yushka is dangerously goodlooking and too young for her. But their connection is instantaneous, and during a photo shoot with the two, the photographer picks up on their growing attraction. Seeing the potential for THE cover photo of the century, he decides to push their comfort limits…

The writing conference in sunny Cannes was fantastical, a dream. Back at home, reality catches up with author Andrea Johnson and the sexy cover model of her book, Yushka. With tough working schedules, challenging family relations, and seductive temptation from all sides, the couple’s explosive romance is put to the test. Will their love be strong enough to have a future?

After sexy cover model Yushka proposed, life is more turbulent than ever for erotic romance author Andrea. He is expecting a baby with his ex-girlfriend, who says she doesn’t want to keep it. How will Andrea’s sons take upcoming life changes? To make things more complicated, her ex goes to great lengths to coax her back, and one of her sons’ girlfriend is a tad too interested in Andrea’s young and very handsome fiancé…

On the writing front, Andrea anxiously awaits news on her latest manuscript submission, and she has to decide whether to accept her publisher’s offer to model in a sexy photo shoot—the same kind she and Yushka did in Cannes—in the hopes of making a new “Cover Photo of the Year”. Considering the erotic poses the previous photographer demanded, can Andrea model with another guy other than Yushka?

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5 stars

I’ve loved all three of the books in the trilogy and I’m kinda sad that this is the end of the journey for these two lovers, and what a journey it’s been.
Lea knows how to tear at your heart strings, and to pull you right into the story with her characters. Just fab! Read it, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

– Doris O’Connor


Read them all!!! It was very good 🙂 have to say, you’re a very talented writer; loved the story, and read the last 2 back to back!!! I actually wanted to go to their wedding! 🙂

– a cousin


I think it’s very well written, the roller coaster ride of emotions will reel you in a cocoon of love and passion. Plus, it’s great to visualize the lead characters, especially Yushka 😉

– Nahuaconetl Xocoyotzin

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