Mine to Love

The erotic interracial romance Mine to Love (book 2 of the Hot Model Mine trilogy) was published by Evernight Publishing from September 2015 to December 2022. It ranks as #2 on the Goodreads list Best Interracial Erotica. Other books in the series are The Perfect Shoot and The Hotter the Love.



Cover art: Sour Cherry Designs


The writing conference in sunny Cannes was fantastical, a dream. Back at home, reality catches up with author Andrea Johnson and the sexy cover model of her book, Yushka. With tough working schedules, challenging family relations, and seductive temptation from all sides, the couple’s explosive romance is put to the test.

Will their love be strong enough to have a future?

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In December 2015, it won the Third Annual Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards in the “Contemporary” category.


ze award


In May 2016, it won The Romance Reviews Readers Choice Awards – Summer 2016 in the category “Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance”.

The Romance Review


In November 2017, it was nominated for “Book of the Month, Readers’ Choice” at The TBR Pile.







Andrea met her book cover model Yushka in The Perfect Shoot. This story takes place after they’ve returned from the professional turned sexual trip. Can their romance survive in the challenges of everyday life?

Relationships are often two people trying to figure out how to blend their lives, it’s not different for Andrea and Yushka. I love how the author added so many obstacles between them that felt very believable. The way they navigated the minefield thrown before them is entertaining, not to mention, very hot. Did I mention how hot this story is? Yum! As much as I enjoyed the first story this one is much more complicated and organic. Emotions are high. Sex is fantastic. But will it all lead to their happy ending? It is truly a pleasure to have read Mine to Love!

– Bella Star, TBR Pile


5 stars


This book was even better than the first. There was so much going on between these two characters my mind was spinning. Andrea was back home from her trip where she first met Yushka and he is planning to come and see her for the weekend. They live over 400 miles apart and find many obstacles in their path to overcome.

This book was filled with jealousy, old hurts, family dynamics, secrets, but also filled with love. Andrea was desperately trying to navigate her “girlfriend” status after being without a man for over 18 years while raising her two boys. Yuska fell hard and fast for Andrea at the conference but he too was dealing with a few things from his past.

There were moments I wanted to shake Andrea but then remembered this whole relationship business was new to her and I needed to cut her some slack. Lea made me fall in love with this characters and I couldn’t help but cheer them on throughout the book. Mine to Love absolutely leaves you wanting more and I look forward to reading her final installment in this series.

– Janis Frisch


5 stars

Sequel! Lea added more spice and turmoil to the exotic couple’s affair from The Perfect Shoot. I loved it! The way she connects deeply with her characters gets me every time. I’m looking forward to the outcome in the last book of the series.

– Cait Jarrod


5 stars


When I heard that Lea had written a sequel, I couldn’t wait to my get my greedy little mitts on it.

I loved the first story, and this one is such as good. What happens when the realities of everyday life interfere in a brand-new love affair? That’s the premise behind this story, and I LOVED it.

Lea puts you as the reader through the emotional wringer as much she does her characters. At one point, I really didn’t like Yushka very much, but, of course it all comes good in the end.

I understand there is a third book coming and I for one shall be looking out for it.

These two have quite a journey in front of them. 🙂

– Doris O’Connor


5 stars


Mine to Love by Lea Bronsen was exceptionally written. Andrea is a single mom who secretly writes erotic novels on the side. She meets the love of her life Yushka , a young model, while at a writers’ conference in France. They have an intense steamy affair in the lush French setting.

After returning to the U.S., the two decide to continue with a long-distance relationship. Their weekends together are emotional, sexy, and fun. This story manages to focus on the relationship between Andrea and Yushka and makes the reader feel a part of their story. I connected with Andrea and felt her emotional struggle as her sons met their dad for the first time. I felt her anxiety and hesitation to bring a new man into their lives.

Yushka (sizzling hot, btw) has his own baggage that almost causes him to lose Andrea. The development of the characters and intricacy of the relationship was thoughtfully and skillfully done. Bronsen made me root for the couple, and enjoy the tastefully erotic sex scenes.

I highly recommend this as second in a series or a standalone.

– Aubrey Wynne


5 stars

A very intense and suspenseful story. I was getting nervous with Yushka’s secrets and Will’s intrusion. Definitely need book 3 to tie it all together.

– BookAddictMom


5 stars

Mine to Love is a smoking hot but still sweet story about two people with two different lives and two different sets of baggage trying to figure out how to make their love work. There is a lot of heat in this story, when the male MC is a male cover model how can there not be, but there are also some very sweet moments that make you think. Lea Bronsen does an amazing job with her detail for descriptions and ability to pull her reader into the story. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a short erotic story with real life challenges weaved into it.

– Kishan Paul



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