The Perfect Shoot

The erotic interracial romance The Perfect Shoot (book 1 of the Hot Model Mine trilogy) was published by Evernight Publishing from October 2014 to December 2022. It ranks as #1 on the Goodreads list Best Interracial Erotica. Other books in the series are Mine to Love and The Hotter the Love.



Cover art: Sour Cherry Designs


When Andrea Johnson, writing as author Cindy Vega, signed up for a Meet & Greet with the cover model of her latest book, she didn’t expect sparks to fly. Yushka is dangerously goodlooking and too young for her. But their connection is instantaneous, and during a photo shoot with the two, the photographer picks up on their growing attraction. Seeing the potential for THE cover photo of the century, he decides to push their comfort limits…

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The Perfect Shoot has been awarded Evernight’s special honor “Editor’s Pick”:

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In November 2014, it won the “Sizzling Read of the Month” award at Sizzling Hot Books:



Then it was nominated for “Sizzling Read of the Year 2014” out of 300 reviewed books throughout the year.


It was also nominated to the final voting round of the Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards 2014 in two categories.

EP Award Semi-Finalist_Contemp EP Award Semi-Finalist_MayDec


A year later, it won The Romance Reviews Reader’s Choice Awards Winter 2015 for “Erotic Multi-Cultural/Multi-Racial Romance”.



Following the release of book 3 in August 2016, it hit #19 on Bookstrand’s bestsellers list “Interracial Romance”.

It also hit #26 on Bookstrand’s bestsellers list “May/December Romance”.





Omg!!! Just finished the Perfect shoot 🙂 🙂 🙂 it S HOT in here !!! I can t wait to read the next 2 🙂 🙂 🙂 Damn it s good.

– a cousin


5 stars


I LOVED this book. Loved.It. Lea hooked me with the excerpt when I read it, and despite first person not being my favourite reading material, I knew I had to read this.

Now, I was expecting a hot story, and it certainly is hot, but what I didn’t expect was for this story to be so emotional.

I completely connected with the heroine and Yushka is just yummy. Where can I find one of my own?

I read this in one sitting, and I alternated between fanning myself, laughing, and sniffing. Yes, I welled up at the end and had a stupid sappy grin for ages. Then bored my husband silly, by going on about how good this book was, lol.

Read it. You will not be disappointed!

– Doris O’Connor


5 stars


This story is both hot, funny (in parts) and very emotional. It is deeply infused with unashamed sensual wonder at the beauty of the human body and soul, in its most different aspects. The hero is perfect, gorgeous and very young. The heroine, is, refreshingly, older, and more than a little insecure.

The author did a wonderful job of turning the stupendous young hunk bit by bit into a lovable, layered, slightly fragile human being, while the older and insecure woman reveals her own strngth bit by bit, so that in the end you have a rarely intriguing, balanced couple.

The shoot scene is really edgy and unexpected (for a scene with no violence at all it definitely made me blink once or twice!) and really hot!
A quick read, but full of depth.


– Katherine Wyvern


5 stars

Fantastic book. Wonderful characters. I was pulled into this story from the start. Outstanding job, Lea!

– London Saint James


5 stars

Set at an author conference in Cannes, this is the story of 38-year-old romance writer Andrea and her cover model, 23-year-old Yushka.

When Andrea sees him fondling the conference organiser she recognises him immediately. He’s the boyishly handsome model on the cover of her latest book. Andrea has spent the last 18 years single-handedly raising her twin boys, so she’s had little time for love.

When a crowded lift and a pushy friend pre-empts the introduction she’d planned for the Meet and Greet session, she feels like a teenager again.

The chemistry sizzles between them from the beginning, but she’s concerned by the age difference, and after waiting 18 years, the last thing she wants is a quickie in a hotel restroom.

The more they are thrown together at the conference, the greater the heat between them. As Andrea struggles to reconcile her attraction to a man only 4 years older than her sons, Yushka is determined to prove to her he wants more than just a one night stand.

When a steamy photo shoot turns dangerously realistic, Andrea can no longer fight the sizzling chemistry between them.

Packed with scorching heat and realistic emotional turmoil, this book is a must read with a satisfying happy ending.

– Robin, Sizzling Hot Books


5 stars


The Perfect Shoot by Lea Bronsen was the perfect story. We are introduced to an aspiring writer, Andrea. She has fantasized about her cover model Yushka and has the opportunity to meet him. Her first impression of Yushka has Andrea running in the other direction. However, the chemistry between the two continues to put the two of them together.

This story is erotic, intense, and emotional. Give yourself time when you pick it up because it is a page turner. Bronsen has you believing in love at first sight. Great read!

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

– Aubrey Wynne


5 stars

This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I loved it! So sexy! Yushka is hot, hot, hot! And cheers to Andrea for letting go of her fears.

– BookAddictMom


5 stars

This was a very hot read. Yushka is the hot cover model and Andrea the erotic romance writer. One thing leads to another and these two create some sizzling chemistry. I enjoyed this story a lot and Lea’s descriptive writing pulled me into their heads and their bodies. If you like erotic romance, I’d recommend this book.

– Kishan Paul


5 stars

If you think romance is out of reach, this is a story for you. The sweet romance and hot, heavy ahem moments are any girl’s dream. Lea Bronsen’s storytelling abilities are alive and well in The Perfect Shoot!

– Cait Jarrod


5 stars

I liked the book! Very interesting to write about an actual writer and a cover model who fall for one another at a convention. I did feel it was a little rushed but the story was definitely a good one.

– Amy Bowens


5 stars


I don’t normally read romance novels, but this is a really hot one!

– Liz


4 and a half stars

I really enjoyed watching Andrea and Yushka fall in love. Truly I did but there were parts of the book that didn’t set right with me. Especially the photographer and the photo shoot. If I had been Andrea I would have bolted but I understood why Ms. Bronsen wrote the scene. Trust me when you read it, you will understand her side and mine.

What I really enjoyed was Ms. Bronsen’s descriptions of the conference itself. She wrote it from experience and who wouldn’t want to go to France. She nailed the setting, descriptions and the ins and outs of the conference itself.

The side plots with her sons and their father were excellent as well. Those phone calls explained alot of Andrea’s personality and feelings. Especially when it came to her hesitation with being with Yushka. I’d feel the same way. And my husband is 7 years younger than me. Trust me…people are shocked when they find that out.

I will say that when those two finally get to together its explosive. Oh yes, there is the private photo shoot but that’s just a teaser. I found the book to be spicy, not truly erotic in nature. There is plenty of teasers before the deed is done but that’s where Ms. Bronsen was brilliant in her writing. The build up, the emotions between them was well worth the pay off in the end.

Just because I had issues with one thing in the book, don’t put off reading this one. In the end, Ms. Bronsen will open your eyes to the ultimate fantasy…falling in love with a cover model and he loving you back. *sigh*

Harlie’s Books


4 stars


Wow!!!!!! What a hot book! I had so much fun reading this on my break. I’m dying to know what happens next and what happens when they get back to the real world and she gets back with her kids and everything.

– Romantic Bookaholic


4 stars


Andrea is an author at a meet and greet. She’s just met her hunky cover model, Yushka, in a very sexual situation with another woman. Talk about awkward but this is the man Andrea has been dreaming about. Can she deal with his troubled personality or should she move on?

Andrea is adorable! The elevator scene made me laugh. She’s awkward around Yushka and she’s telling herself not to be. It’s totally something I would do which is why I found her so endearing. Yushka is, well, I didn’t like him at first. He’s touching another woman and then he’s making out with Andrea. When she tells him to stop, he stops but he gets angry about it. That would send up warning flags if I’d been with the guy. He’s got a nasty attitude that doesn’t make up for his hot body. Eventually, he opens up and we really get to see what makes Yushka the man he is. I love how they get to know each other and the slow build to the sex is fabulous! There’s a twist that is devilishly great and an ending that is super sweet.

If you’re looking for sizzling romance give The Perfect Shoot a read!

– Bella Star, TBR Pile


3 stars

3.5 STARS!!


I really enjoyed this book. Lea sucked me right into it after the elevator scene. I didn’t realize there was a second book until I finished this one and I was extremely grateful. I can’t wait to find out what happens with Andrea and Yushka and her two sons.

– Janis Frisch


3 stars

Lea Bronsen takes readers behind the scenes of an authors’ convention with this spicy contemporary romance. Yushka is a mysterious yet intense hero, and it was delightful to see the many facets of his professional and personal sides. Andrea is equally complex, but I felt as if I didn’t quite get to know her, as if she didn’t quite reveal enough to me. There were just too many unanswered questions. I enjoyed meeting her best friend, but found that a lot of the descriptions of the other women attending the conference were pretty negative. I had the overall feeling that the author did not have an enjoyable time at any conference she had attended. I was initially excited to read about the location but sad to find out that there were no descriptions of the locale at all. If you are looking for a very spicy romance with a twist, this is a good choice for a short read.

Author Andrea Johnson is looking forward to meeting the cover model from her book, there’s just something about the striking young man that intrigues her. But reality isn’t quite the same as fantasy when she actually meets him. Yushka might be too young for her, but her libido doesn’t care about age. When a photo shoot becomes too hot to handle, will she finally give in? Can Andrea ignore her brain and listen to her body?

– Pauline Michael, Night Owl Reviews



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