Naughty Secret

The erotic romance Naughty Secret is finished at 19K and will be published by the Writers in Crime shortly.

Stay tuned for more information!


Cover art: ProBook Premade Covers


Ivy Stone is a young mother striving to make ends meet and provide for her little boy, whose father disappeared before he was born. She’s tired, and her sole dreams of a better future are for her son.

Alexander MacMillan Jr. never could forget about the gorgeous girl with whom he spent a wild night four years ago, but a pole dancer just wasn’t a match for the heir of a wealthy estate owner. Since he couldn’t have her, he drunkenly sought left and right, straight and gay, for a love that never happened.

When Alex’s father demands that he marry a woman to save the family reputation, and Alex discovers his naughty secret has started working for a millionaire neighbor, he quickly schemes for an arranged wedding at his birthday party. But will she accept to be his bride?

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