Torn Avenger

The dark Viking romance Torn Avenger will be published by the Writers in Crime on 20th September 2017.


Man60-sensational-premadecover-Jayaheer2015-TORN AVENGER

Cover art: Simply Defined Art


Murder. Passion. Two ancient worlds colliding.

As the second son of a Viking earl, Alv Gunnulfsen wasn’t meant to inherit a throne or avenge a murder. But when his brother is slain during a raid and their father dies of grief, Alv is expected to take command and claim the killer’s death. In a world of ruthless retaliation and strict social codes, he must also maneuver cleverly to protect a troublesome secret: his attraction for men.

Roeland van Dijk, a wealthy Dutch merchant settled in Norway, has done the unthinkable to protect his family — hacked off the head of a Viking rapist. The wrath of the blond savages will cost him his freedom, and possibly his own head… Unless he’s willing to accept the love of another man.



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