Madness in Paris

The contemporary romance Madness in Paris is currently in the making with an expected word count of 20K and an estimated release in 2023.

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Cover coming soon


He fought to overthrow the power. She got caught in the line of fire.

In December 2018, the “Yellow Vest” movement brings student Jade to the streets of Paris along with thousands of demonstrators demanding better living conditions.

During a police round-up, a flashball hits her left eye, propelling her into a series of painful surgeries and a fight for justice – but also new opportunities, as she meets the stricken Gilet Jaune leader Frédéric, a desperate husband and father leading fellow citizens toward revolution.

Both wounded beyond recognition, they become each other’s solace in a world turned upside down by the madness of shocking political decisions and scandalous police violence.

# Drama #Paris #GiletsJaunes