Bang, the light went out #MWTease from High-Risk Fever


Happy Wednesday, and thanks again to Angelica Dawson for organizing the MidWeekTeases!

This week’s tease comes from my erotic GLBT ménage HIGH-RISK FEVER, which is up for re-release on October 1st with an additional chapter ❤ In this scene, we're continuing where we left off last week. Anne was getting the wet Italians some dry clothes when a boom of thunder cut the lights and she's alone in the dark with an aroused stranger.

* * *


Micaela, get away from me!

Anne’s throat tightened. She needed to make him get back. She clenched her sweaty fists and searched the nothingness for some idea of how to make him move.

Todd’s third cry from the end of the hall came in the nick of time.

She bit her lip. “I think Todd needs help.”

“I know. Where’s his friend?” Brian stood close in the hall.

She almost jumped. Her heart in her throat, she turned toward him, but couldn’t see the outline of his big body in the dark. “Uh, I don’t know.” She blushed as she pictured Micaela’s smirk in front of her. “Maybe he’s gone downstairs.”

“Don’t you worry, sweetie. I’m gonna go find the flashlights at the top of the stairs and help Todd outta the bathroom.”

“Y-yes, you do that.” She nodded again, swallowed. “I’ll wait in bed.”

“Okay, baby. Be safe and warm. I’ll take care of everything and be right back.” The sound of footsteps and fingers grazing wood diminished as he left. “Ugh, I gotta check on the other guests, too.” A knock on wood across the hall. “Hey, in there. It’s just the power. Stay put, okay?”

A muffled response.

Anne sucked in a breath of relief and tried to still her galloping heart.

Todd called again, in the distance, impatient. Brian replied he was on his way before knocking on three more doors.

The warm breathing to her left came closer. Not knowing what to anticipate, she turned to the invisible presence.

A loud bang detonated somewhere over the village. She counted the seconds until the lightning strike. One, two. A sudden flash of white snuck in between the shutters, enough to reveal the side of Micaela’s face and his curving lips.

Blackness took over again. Anne blinked, regretting the new loss of sight.

Cold fingers reached out of the void and found her shoulders. She gasped and stepped backward, bumping into hard, horizontal bars—the shelves in the open closet.

He followed her. Goose bumps grew on her skin as his large hands slid down her arms, molding around her elbows. With mild force, he tugged at her wrists, pulling her hands away from her breasts.

She tried to resist, but he was stronger.

Brian called from the bottom of the hall. “Found the flashlights!”

Shit. Stuck against the shelf, pinned by another man, she would be revealed as a cheater! It didn’t help that the responsibility was Micaela’s.

A small click reached her ears, and in her peripheral vision, a tiny ray of light danced in the dark of the hallway before steadying. In the next moment, a door opened at the end of the hall, and Brian’s low voice sounded through the wall separating them.

Her chest constricted. Again, she tried to pull her hands to her, but instead of letting go, Micaela closed the distance between them. His hard cock brushed against her.

Oh God. Delicious heat rushed from her inner thighs, spreading through her stomach. Need competed with fear, pushed aside reason. Bent on betrayal, her hips shot forward, pressing against him, but it was wrong. She shouldn’t allow this. “Don’t. Please.”

Todd’s voice sounded again, nearer, calmer, probably thanking Brian.

Piercing the dense blackness to her right, two white rays appeared, crossing each other like tiny laser beams in the night.

Micaela stepped back and released her wrists.

She gasped with relief. They would not be discovered.

The soft rustling of fabric indicated he put on the bathrobe, and quick breaths revealed his hurry.

Without a word, Anne pushed away from the closet, stepping sideways to avoid bumping into him—and possibly his hard cock again—and moved toward the large double bed.

The same moment she lay down on the mattress and pulled the cold sheets over her naked body, Micaela’s cheerful, innocent voice sounded in the hall, greeting the two other men. “You okay?”

“Yeah, fuck.” Todd sighed. “I can’t believe this shit.”

“Me neither. We didn’t have time to get clothes before bang, the light went out.”

Brian cleared his throat. “All right, guys, let’s find you something to wear.”

The light beams zigzagged nearer.


Copyright @ 2018 Lea Bronsen


High-Risk Fever_new cover 1600x2650


Two young and indecently handsome bicyclists visit a village in the French Alps during the summer holidays. Forced by a raging storm to spend the night at the local bed & breakfast, they invade the quiet lives of hostess Anne and her husband, Brian.

A power outage plunges the foursome into darkness, encouraging new liaisons to form, life-long secrets to be unveiled, and steamy lessons to be learned. But once the storm moves on, can the four find a balance and resume their normal lives?


Coming out 1st October!

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  1. Great tease, but I caught an error. The flash of lightning precedes thunder rather than following it. So she would see the light and then hear the clap.


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