Hunting Astrid by Thea Landen

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Tabitha can have all she wants if she fights through Astrid’s simulated worlds. Can she successfully hunt her down?

Astrid Carlisle enjoys her job at Satera Industries, the massive interplanetary organization whose enigmatic leader is concerned with profits first and legalities second. Stationed at company headquarters, she can stay out of harm’s way while making good use of her programming skills and keen eye for talent acquisition. Unfortunately, both the busy nature of her work and her office’s remote location leave her feeling dissatisfied with her personal life.

Fresh out of the Central United Space Marines, Tabitha Knox is ready for change, hoping the next stage in her career can take place in the private sector. Employment with Satera Industries would offer her the exciting, fast-paced work she craves, with generous financial compensation to match. All she has to do is get through the rigorous screening process and prove her worth.

The two women meet during the early stages of Tabitha’s application, and their mutual attraction is instant. However, Astrid has been hurt in the past and is cautious about moving too quickly, leading her to devise a plan. She suggests the pair enter the simulations used to test applicants and fight their way through the various environments. If Tabitha can successfully track her down in each phase, she’ll win the ultimate prize: a lucrative job, plus Astrid’s trust and submission. Everything she wants is within reach, but will she be able to achieve her dreams while hunting Astrid?


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A new idea began to take shape in Astrid’s mind. “If you’re so confident—which I do like about you, don’t get me wrong—do you want to make it interesting?”

Tabitha leaned forward, bracing her hands on the inside of her legs. “I live for interesting.”

“Then I think you’ll like my suggestion of what we should do the next time we get together.”

“Do share.”

Swiveling on the grass, Astrid turned to face her. “I’ll check our master calendar, and, on a quiet day, how about you and I go back to headquarters and run through a couple of missions in the simulator? A little friendly competition, if you will.”

“Huh.” Tabitha tapped her fingers together in front of her. “I thought you just helped design the simulations. I didn’t know you actually went in and played around in them.”

“Somebody’s got to test everything out.”

“Right. But I didn’t think you were—” She shook her head. “Never mind. You’re right. Your plan does sound interesting. But if you’ve worked with the simulations so many times before, won’t it give you an unfair advantage?”

“I won’t have any of my monitoring tools inside, and I’ll make sure we have all the same equipment. No cheating, I promise.” Lifting her chin, Astrid pretended to look her up and down, her lashes fluttering. “But if you don’t think you can beat me….”

Tabitha let out a loud laugh, a genuine smile lighting up her face. “Very cute attempt at baiting me, though I would have agreed to it, anyway.” Her hair tumbled over her shoulders as she leaned forward again. “So, what’s the prize if I win?”

Astrid straightened and held her arms out. “Me.”

She arched an eyebrow. “Oh? Please elaborate.”

The familiar heat rose in her cheeks, and she hoped the effects of her throbbing heartbeat weren’t noticeable. “I’ll make a better effort to not overthink things and go with what feels right. Whatever you want to do afterward, I’ll be a willing participant.”

The hunger in Tabitha’s stare did little to slow her pulse, and she struggled not to squirm. “All right. I accept all your terms and conditions.” Pursing her lips, she gave Astrid a sly wink. “Game on.”


About the author:

Thea Landen lives in New York with her husband and children. Though she’s dabbled in all romantic subgenres, she has a special love for sci-fi, fantasy, and adventure…anything that pushes the imagination beyond its usual limits. When she’s not writing, she’s either knitting or crocheting, playing video games, or pretending to enjoy cardio and squats.

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A Dragon for Sale by Katerina Ross

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Spies, assassins, traitors…

Dylan Ogmore didn’t sign up to deal with any of it. His service at the Welsh Dragon Guards had been pretty uneventful, until the royal PR team decided it was a good idea for him and his dragon to take part in the coronation of the new king at Caernarfon.

Dylan suspects the plan might be not that brilliant. Especially because he knows who suggested it—Andras, his former army mate who’s been more than just a friend for him once, but has chosen to leave the military … and him.

Yet Dylan can’t even imagine what mess he’s getting into. An assassination attempt at the ceremony leaves his dragon in a precarious situation and forces Dylan to go against the law. Is there a chance for him to get out of trouble unscathed? Who can he rely on—and who is his true enemy?


#mmromance #Friends2lovers #mm #GayRomance #dragons #spies #action #fantasy #military


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Clubbing didn’t mean dancing—god forbid, he was awful at dancing—or drinking, though he was better at that. Well, maybe he’d have a pint, but not more, considering the rehearsals tomorrow.

The whole thing was more of a hunt.

Nursing a pleasantly cool glass of bitter ale in both hands, Dylan was studying the public. Exclusively male, the crowd varied from office workers who’d barely had time to get rid of their ties after a day at desks to individuals in most creative states of undress—it was summer after all. Dylan was something in between. Nothing overly respectable, nothing fancy either. A black t-shirt, dark jeans, and heavy boots. He thought of showing up in his leather uniform, but decided against it. That could have sent a wrong signal. He wasn’t into playing games, just looking for a quick, mutually satisfying release.

A particular man caught Dylan’s attention. Dirty blond hair cropped short, high cheekbones, sculpted features, maybe too sharp to be pleasant. He was obviously browsing, too, though in a more relaxed way, facing the room, elbow resting on the bar counter, a glass of beer in the other hand—openly observing the crowded space with a lazy half-smile, not just stealing glances like Dylan. He looked amused by the messy extravaganza on the dance floor, grown-up people losing themselves to a rhythm set by someone else, moving like puppets on invisible chains.

Dylan had to admit he liked a certain type. The original version, more blond and less feral, was currently socializing somewhere else, probably at a more decent party, so, rather than thinking of Andras and his whereabouts, Dylan had to console himself with imperfect copies.

Dylan and Andras hadn’t been lovers for real, just mates helping each other out, as they both had agreed. It had started at the military training base at Brecon Beacons—not the best place for holding hands and doing other lover-like stuff, but just as good as any for hasty handjobs and a bit of groping—and continued throughout their service in the coastal dragon guard.

Until the moment Andras had decided to make a drastic change to his career plans and, before leaving, proposed to stay friends.

Dylan had felt like punching him. He still felt like punching him. But that would be so immature, wouldn’t it?

He wasn’t mad at Andras because of the sexual stuff they had been doing. Or not only because of it. It would have hurt just as much if none of that had happened. Andras and him had been inseparable for a few years. They finished each other’s sentences, laughed at the jokes only they understood, and seemed to get along just fine. And now… What exactly did it mean, staying friends? Surely, something else than just being friends, like before? Probably seeing each other once in a few months, going to a pub together and discussing their work while getting pathetically drunk. Like so many mature people did. This was a dreary perspective, and it was all Andie’s fault.

Dylan found himself absently rubbing the dragon tattoo on his left arm. Andras had a matching one. It was he who’d persuaded Dylan to get them. Just a boyish whim, nothing more, but now it was a constant reminder of something missing from Dylan’s life. Of being lonely, despite having little time to be on his own.

Dylan breathed out angrily. Enough of self-pity. He was here for something else entirely.

So what if he had this stupid tattoo, and another one—even more stupid—on his chest? Nobody cared, and he shouldn’t either. Or maybe it was even a good thing that he had a very visible, hardly forgettable, and highly embarrassing warning to not get involved too much. Uncomplicated sex with strangers was so much easier. No bad feelings afterwards. No regrets.

Speaking of strangers… The man Dylan had labeled as an imperfect copy of Andras couldn’t in fact be accused of being imperfect in any other regards. Yes, the resemblance was slight, and the man was perhaps a few years older, but otherwise he was quite imposing. While Andras was smoothly handsome, with just a bit of sharpness to his features, this one was more of a rugged type, but he was also more sturdily built. Not beefy, but certainly athletic.

Ill-lit as the place was, Dylan could see the lines of his collarbones and the shape of his well-defined pecs under his thin gray sweatshirt, and that was undeniably eye-catching.

Just as Dylan was ogling him, he turned in Dylan’s direction and caught his gaze. And saluted him with his glass, a grin hiding in the corners of his mouth. It looked very much like an invitation.



About the author

Katerina Ross is a Russian author from Moscow, but she writes kinky M/M and M/F stories in English. She’s also an editor, a journalist, a translator, and several other things besides 😉 In her free time, she draws sexy men (you can find these doodles on her blog and interrogates BDSM authors for her website


No negotiations (Assassin’s Core) by Serenity Snow

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No Negotiations is the fourth book in the Assassin’s Core series. I am working on the fifth one but it will probably be the last one that focuses exclusively on Alexi. The characters I’m looking at for book 6 are Cattail and Zoe. I’m not sure which of them will get the call.

Mirabella McLean was hurt once, having come back home, she was content with the life she built. At least that’s what she told herself. Then, sexy Raegan Greenwater rode into her life and triggered a part of Mira she never knew existed.

However, Mira resists the woman she can’t seem to stop thinking about because Raegan is all wrong for her. She’s too young, too bold, and the dominance rolling off her scares the pants off Mira. But a little lie makes it impossible for her to stay away from Raegan after all, they’re supposed to be dating.

With her back to the wall Mira can allow the nymph that lives inside her to claim the life that’s hers, or she can turn away from the passion infecting her. Mira knows she has to make a choice but will fear win out over love?


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Alexi Russo took a sip of her drink and her lover, sitting on her lap, leaned in closer even as she laughed at something someone said. Tia’s warmth soaked into her, making her cat—the animal half of her—purr silently.

She loved the feel of having her mate close, especially now when their relationship could fall apart if that one little secret was revealed. Alexi had no doubt Tatiana would leave her if she knew the truth.

She didn’t want to lose her, but she wasn’t yet to the point where she wouldn’t kill her if she had to to survive. Alexi had rather never veer from this place, because the cat—she was a jaguar shifter—was as much a part of who she was as her humanity.

The jaguar was protective and strong, used to being more solitary. She could let Tia go now, if it came to that. The deeper she fell in love with her, the more she risked becoming obsessive. She didn’t need that part of her character to come into play with Tia because she was already a big enough liability.

Killing her mate would make Alexi even closer to her animal than she was. She would lose more of her humanity, her heart. She’d become more about survival and blood.

Alexi urged Tia up and her mate gave her a curious look but rose.

“Make it quick,” she ordered as Alexi reached to pull the device from her slacks pocket.

From across the table, Ace Baker, her close friend, caught Alexi’s eye, and she frowned. “Tia, I’m sorry about this.”

“I said make it quick,” she said as she sat down. “We’re relaxing tonight.”

“What is it, Zoe?” Alexi asked tensely.

“Some asshole followed one of the girls to work. He attacked her right in front of the club. Cattail happened to be out here, and she’s taking care of the girl.”

“Coming down,” Alexi murmured. “Get Amaya.” As she headed for the door, Ace met her there.

“No peace for the wicked?” Ace asked.

Alexi grunted. “I take it you’ve been briefed by Cattail.”

“Yeah, you have a medic on staff?”

“Two, one for humans and one for us,” Alexi answered. “Amaya’s been called down, but I’m having her sent to the hospital. I don’t want the feds crawling up my ass over anything that happens to her.”

“It’s funny how they just watched the girl get slapped around and did nothing to stop it.”

“If someone’s out there,” Alexi said. “They can’t get that close to the club without being seen.”

The club was out near the edge of the city with a long stretch of road with nothing around for miles. Alexi kept cans of gas for that very reason and was thinking of getting one of those electric charge stations for those who drove electric cars.

“With nowhere to hide, you might be right. This club might be off limits until they can figure out a way to get someone in. Maybe that girl’s it.”



About the Author

Serenity Snow is an author who loves to read and binge watch Lifetime Movies when she isn’t hanging out with her family. Right now, she’s loving on raspberry tea with too much lemon and vanilla ice cream with salted caramel sauce.


The Payment by Allyson Young

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Eamon, Jonah, and Remy are brothers-in-arms, governed only by their missions. Compensation relates to the nature of the work—gold bars, precious stones, cold cash, or real estate. They share everything in a life that is both dangerous and rewarding.

Tasked with snatching a money launderer, they must include his personal assistant or leave her to the tender mercies of the men searching for him. They take Mallory as their payment this time around.

Mallory Strickland is a loner, the product of her past, someone who won’t be at another’s mercy again. When she finds herself permanently kidnapped by three men who have chosen her to be their wife, she rebels.

It doesn’t matter if these men have supposedly saved her and profess good intentions—and are gorgeous, virile individuals—she refuses to be enslaved. Can she withstand their determined, sensual assault?

She can’t—and at what cost…



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Teaser Excerpt:


A sting in my thigh…

My fingers sought out a tiny red mark, just above the hem of my skirt. It didn’t rate on the tenderness scale. So, I had clearly succumbed to a drug, expertly administered. At least I’d been spared the binding and darkness of the sack over my head.

Recalling the details helped keep the fear of the unknown at bay, and I resolved to garner as much information as possible. The way I’d done growing up, moving from home to home, never knowing the people or what they were capable of, but having that same dark suspicion of what they wanted from me.

Those men could have done me considerable harm—a blow to the head, to the face, something to quickly subdue me and avoid notice from the street—yet they hadn’t. So they wanted me … intact. I wasn’t sure how to interpret that other than thinking they didn’t want to damage the goods.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed to my feet, feeling the concrete’s rough texture beneath my soles. When I was confident I could stay upright, I tottered toward the wall with the tiny window set high, nearly at the ceiling. Once there, I touched the smooth surface, some kind of plaster, and followed it along to the bottom of the stairs.

I listened hard before cautiously ascending, one careful step at a time. With my ear pressed up against the solid wooden panel, I heard nothing and tried the knob. It remained rigid beneath my fingers, not that I expected it to turn and for me to walk boldly out of here. Wherever here was.

All the same, it took something out of me, and I sank down on the slightly wider top stair and contemplated my prison. And it was a prison. I had no idea why I was the sole occupant or what I’d done to deserve being held in this manner, but I appeared stuck. In an empty house.

I made my way back down, having spied a light switch, which turned on the single bulb hanging in the room. No longer reliant on the scant light from the high window, I commenced to exploring the rest of the area I was confined in. It turned out there was a pocket door tucked near a corner, and I slid it aside to reveal a small bathroom.

There was a sink, toilet, with a roll of tissue sitting on the tank, and a shower stall—sans curtain. A tiny bar of soap, travel toothbrush and paste, and a stack of folded paper towels were on offer—nothing I could see to escape or utilize against my kidnappers, if they were even coming back. I couldn’t say what frightened me more, being abandoned to perish in the crappy room, or facing whoever wanted me here.

I hurriedly made use of the facilities and cleaned up, noticing there was no mirror, either. I could only assume I looked a mess. I felt like one. Despite my efforts, panic began to build again, ratcheting up my heart rate and blood pressure.

To combat the feeling, I hustled back to the other room and took a turn around, examining every square inch visually and with touch. Given its apparent age, the place was really clean, smelling vaguely of bleach—no mouse droppings or spider webs in sight. Aside from the double bed, dressed in a fitted sheet, there was nothing else. Maybe a James Bond type could have dismantled the mattress looking for a box spring and picked the lock with it, but I fell short of the 007 status. Anyway, I figured it was made of pure foam. And the frame was one solid piece of metal.

The sheet resisted my attempts to rip it initially, and then I desisted. What would I do with pieces of cloth? Garrote someone? Set a trap on the stairs? Bind wounds? Hang myself?

My attention returned to the bed frame, calling up the dimensions of a full-sized bed. I stared at the window, mentally measuring the distance to the floor. Maybe… I shoved to my feet in the chilly room when I heard them. A door shut, and male voices sounded above, followed by footsteps—three sets of them, possibly four. I cursed quietly, having missed an opportunity.

I breathed deeply and snatched up the sheet for additional coverage. I sat, striving to look as unprepossessing as possible, my brain working hard, my belly tight with resolve, and my heart rate nearly under control. Time to size up the enemy. Prepared for anything.

Famous last words.


About the author:

Allyson Young aka Peri Elizabeth Scott lives in cottage country, Manitoba, Canada where she and her husband pretend to work well together in their seasonal business.

She has always enjoyed the written word, and after reading an erotic romance, quite by mistake, decided to try her hand at penning one. That was followed by a mix of spicy (Ally) and sweet (Peribeth) romances in various genres as well as a post-apocalyptic adventure without a lick of romance by Peribeth.

A bestselling Amazon author, a hybrid, and a coauthor, as of May 2020 she has published seven series and several standalones, with others in the works.

Allyson Young



Moonstone by Lucy Felthouse

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Christmas gifts aren’t the only surprises Ginny is going to get this year.

Moonstone Guinevere ‘Ginny’ Miles is in Silver Springs visiting her parents for the holidays. They moved to the town five years ago, and adore their new life here. Used to the hustle and bustle of London, England, Ginny isn’t convinced at first—what’s so great about a small town in Upstate New York, anyway? Despite her own opinions, it’s clear to Ginny the move has done her parents the world of good—they look years younger. There’s clearly something magical about this town.

Following some exploration of her own, Ginny discovers Silver Springs has its charms—Jewels Cafe is amazing, for starters, as is its pumpkin spice latte. Ginny’s drunk a lot of lattes in her thirty-three years, but nothing quite like this.

Her taste buds are still tingling from the tasty treat when she comes across a broken-down truck on the way back to her parents’ place. And when she spots the three gorgeous guys with the vehicle, it’s not just her taste buds that are tingling.

Is Ginny’s vacation in Silver Springs about to get a whole lot more interesting?

Moonstone is a standalone contemporary reverse harem romance. It is part of the Jewels Cafe series.


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Moonstone Guinevere Miles—known as Ginny to people who didn’t want to incur her fierce and everlasting wrath—heaved her suitcase off the luggage reclaim belt with an “Oof!” and placed it on the floor, a sigh of relief escaping her. At least the thing had wheels—she didn’t really have the energy for carrying a heavy suitcase all the way through Customs and out to Arrivals. The long, tiring flight had seen to that.

No matter how much she tried, no matter how exhausted she was, she simply could not fall asleep on a plane. Ever. Eye mask, ear plugs, meditation, bloody whale music—nothing helped. She’d long since resigned herself to staying awake while snores from other passengers emanated around the cabin. At least it had only been about seven and a half hours since taking off from Heathrow—she couldn’t imagine what state she’d be in if she ever flew any longer than that—to Australia, New Zealand or somewhere.

Doubtful that would ever happen, though. It had taken long enough for her to get her backside out to the east coast of America, where her parents had been running a retreat since retiring five years ago. But then, things were different now, weren’t they? Which was why she was even here in the first place—it wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Thinking of her parents brought an inevitable smile to her face, and inserted a little more spring in her step. Despite the energy and mood suck that had been the flight, she was excited to be here. She was eager to see her parents, and to find out exactly what they’d built up over the last five years. She’d seen photos and videos, but it wasn’t the same as actually being there.

When they’d first announced they were using their retirement nest egg to open a retreat in Upstate New York, she’d been floored. Who the hell retires, only to take on a massive project like that? Surely the whole point of retiring is to wind down, enjoy some free time, relax? But no, her mum and dad—who, to be fair, had never been what one would call conventional—had set their hearts on it. They’d had a huge purge of their belongings, sold their cars and house, and jetted off across the pond, leaving Ginny shocked and not a little bereft. She’d been used to having them close by and had quickly realized just how much she’d taken that for granted.

At the same time, her career as a chef had taken off and she’d become so busy that her parents’ sudden distance hadn’t made the blindest bit of difference. She barely saw the inside of her own flat, never mind her friends and family. This was the first Christmas she’d had off work since then, too, and she was looking forward to spending it with her parents more than she could put into words. They’d been big on the festive period ever since she was a baby, and as such, Ginny’s brain was stuffed full of warm, fuzzy memories of Christmases past. They’d been useful to get her through the last five crappy ones, too, where a microwaved ready meal was the best she could hope for, if she hadn’t managed to wangle a free meal from the place she’d been working at at the time.

Her smile widened, and she walked faster still—God, just how big is this bloody airport?—desperate to see her mum and dad and start the Christmas holiday with a bang. Anticipation rushed through her. They’d have turkey and roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, mounds of vegetables, desserts laden with enough calories to last them until Valentine’s Day, Christmas carols, amazing decorations, a beautiful tree, fairy lights…

And Santa Claus. Two of them, in fact, jumping up and down enthusiastically and waving wildly at her, with not a rotund belly in sight.

Ginny was so excited, she couldn’t even be bothered with the embarrassment she might have felt at being greeted in a public place by her parents dressed up in Santa outfits. Plus, nobody knew her here anyway, so who cared?

She scurried around the barrier, almost flipping her case in her haste to turn a corner, then covered the remaining distance between them in seconds flat and released the handle of her suitcase. A series of squeals and exclamations went up—from all three of them—and then everything went dark as Ginny was enveloped in a warm, fluffy embrace, her face crushed up against what she suspected was the white fur trim on her mother’s jacket, and kisses rained down on her. It was all she could do to suck in oxygen as she was squeezed and squeezed them right back. She was assailed by the scents of clean clothes, shampoo, perfume, and cologne—all perfectly lovely smells by themselves, but somewhat overwhelming all at once. Unintelligible murmurings reached her ears, but she didn’t bother to reply since she had no idea what was being said. And she didn’t need words, anyway. All she needed at that moment in time was to soak up the enormous outpouring of love she was experiencing.

She was so bloody happy, she thought she might pop.


Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award), The Persecution of the Wolves, Hiding in Plain Sight, and The Heiress’s Harem and The Dreadnoughts series. Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 170 publications to her name. Find out more about her writing at, or on Twitter or Facebook. Join her Facebook group for exclusive cover reveals, sneak peeks and more! Sign up for automatic updates on Amazon or BookBub. Subscribe to her newsletter here:


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