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Evernight Teen’s Summer Kick Off Blog Hop

Do you know about Evernight’s new line of teen fiction?

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Writer’s experience: Coincidences in a writing process

Can coincidences influence an author’s work – and is there really such a thing as a coincidence?

Sometimes it can be hard to know how to start or to end a full-length novel. What makes most sense plot-wise? What would the reader like? What do writing rules say about an ideal prologue or epilogue? I have no idea. The last chapter of my novel Wild Hearted was a mystery till the very end. My biggest issue was whether to end the novel with the bad-ass gangster hero Tomor or the lovely heroine Luz. Which point of view would work best? Again, I had no clue. So what happened is I sat in my car, mulling this over, turned on the radio – a random channel – and… the Spanish artist Luz Casal was singing, the very woman who gave my heroine her name!!! I squeeled, ecstatic, because surely it wasn’t a coincidence. Luz would have the last word.

Luz crop

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Blood traces

“When he came to the street where Stan got shot, he stopped at the spot to take a quiet moment of contemplation, and the horror of the police shootout hit him full force. He swayed on his feet as he relived the cacophony of loud, rapid-fire detonations, freezing fear, chaos, panic, terrified screams, blood, all over, red and liquid, spurting from the bodies. So uncompromising. So brutal. So unfair.

Yeah, the blood, he could see the spots on the asphalt. A week after Stan’s assassination, traces were still there. Surely somebody must have flushed them, surely the storm must have hid them, too. But he swore there were traces. Maybe even Stan’s outline. Right there, on the ground. The position of his arms, legs, the long wild hair, black as raven, spread out in the dirt. A fallen mustang, lying helpless and scared, emptying of blood with every ragged breath, wide-open eyes begging for grace.

I can see you, my friend. I can see you.

His heart filled with instantaneous, breathtaking grief. Inexorable. Blind. Left him numb again, cold, nauseous. Maybe Stan’s ghost lurked nearby, watching him. Watching over his blood. His remains. Restless, unwilling to move on. Or maybe Tomor had just imagined the bloodstains. Maybe he really was sick in the head.”

Excerpt from Wild Hearted

7:00 PM EST – Meet My Sexy Muse – Be there.

Renea Mason

18+ only please



It’s the original, one and only, Meet My Sexy Muse party and you are invited! We’ve got the sexy pics and the saucy prompts, you bring your imagination and help us tell the story. If you missed out on the first two breakout events, don’t miss this one. It gets a little wild, so wear your seatbelts…or your garter belts. The best is yet to come!

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“Will make a man of ya”

“There.” Tomor finished carving a neat, precise cut in Otis Webb’s throat, so close to the carotid he could see the bared artery quickly pulsating in the bloody flesh. He put the razor-sharp scalpel in front of his nose, smelled the coppery blood, and turned to the teenager. “You get the honor.”

David accepted the small shard of metal and glanced at the naked man, gagged and taped to the table between them, eyes wide with terror. Sweat ran down Webb’s trembling body, and the acrid stench of urine mingled with the metallic warmth of blood. With the two cadavers on the floor, the whole place stank like a slaughterhouse.

David threw a pleading look to Larsen, but the grinning man flashed his teeth back in an uglier smirk. “Will make a man of ya.”

Excerpt from Wild Hearted.

“Sometimes the pain’s so good it gets me hard”

“Exhilarated by a sudden surge of anticipation, his head spinning but luminous, clairvoyant, Tomor strode to the cupboard, found a dagger and pointed the sharp blade at the thin, pinkish tissue. The first incision would be the easiest. It would open the top skin layer like steel through butter and split neat, clean edges. Then there’d be no turning back. The next layer, thicker and more resistant, would demand pressure, insistence. The beginning dribble of blood would blind his view, obstruct the precision. But that’s when it starts getting interesting. A faint, subtle tingle of pain would prickle in the apparent flesh like the sting from the tiniest of needles—only a tease, a seducing wink, a promise of sharper sensations the third cut would engender. Sometimes it’s so good it gets me hard.” Quote from Wild Hearted.

Sophia Jones – This week’s author profile on

Renea Mason

Who is Sophia Jones?

Sophia Jones is the pen name of mellow, yoga-practicing, dog loving bookworm.  It would surprise many–though not all–of my friends and family members to know I write steamy erotica.

Sophia Dog

Take a few minutes to get to know Sophia

Did you use a critique partner or group to help with revisions and editing?

I’ve always loved reading, and a few years ago I stumbled upon fanfiction.  Before long I was writing fanfic stories of my own, and met a couple of great people who became my crit partners.  About a year ago, I decided to really give the “writing thing” a try, and started my first novel.  Not long after, I joined the online writing community Scribophile, and from there became a member of the Coffee Talk Writers.  These amazing internet friends have all helped me grow as a writer and continue to do edits and revisions…

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