“Sometimes the pain’s so good it gets me hard”

“Exhilarated by a sudden surge of anticipation, his head spinning but luminous, clairvoyant, Tomor strode to the cupboard, found a dagger and pointed the sharp blade at the thin, pinkish tissue. The first incision would be the easiest. It would open the top skin layer like steel through butter and split neat, clean edges. Then there’d be no turning back. The next layer, thicker and more resistant, would demand pressure, insistence. The beginning dribble of blood would blind his view, obstruct the precision. But that’s when it starts getting interesting. A faint, subtle tingle of pain would prickle in the apparent flesh like the sting from the tiniest of needles—only a tease, a seducing wink, a promise of sharper sensations the third cut would engender. Sometimes it’s so good it gets me hard.” Quote from Wild Hearted.

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