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While you’re here, take a look at my recently published crime drama novel Wild Hearted.

Your first time is always unique… After years of saving herself for the right guy, Luz runs into one who’s all but “right” – a brutal, sly, and irresistibly handsome crime lord bent on all kinds of trouble.

Read what happens when she makes up her mind to meet his demand.


Tomor laid in bed curled up on his good side, tensing and sweating from pain, looking like he needed release.

Full of mixed, indescribable feelings, Luz climbed in behind him, slid underneath his sheets, and cupped his cold, hard body with her warm limbs.

The low, gravelly voice muttered, “What do you want, Luz?”

Ah, he was in a bad mood.

She put a hand on his tattooed arm and followed the black, intricate Maori paint all the way up to his shoulder, pushed strands of hair back from his cheek, and moved herself closer to place a soft, loving kiss below his ear.

He smelled the same as yesterday, but it didn’t bother her. On the contrary, he smelled man: a tough, wounded, needy man.

She moved her hand to his heaving chest and caressed it, teased the firm muscles covering his ribs, let gentle fingers play with hairs and hard nipples.

He sighed, turned onto his back with a grimace of pain, and glanced at her, eyes feverish. “What are you doing?”

A voice so constricted she wanted to give him a friendly embrace and offer to shelter him with her warmth… but his dark, intensive eyes reflecting morning light from the window gleamed with excitement.

I’m learning.

Avoiding his stare, she moved the hand to his flat, trimmed stomach and found the growing erection. At her careful touch it lengthened and stiffened more, and she grabbed the shaft, curled curious fingers around it, and made long, slow strokes.

Learning to trust you.

With a guttural moan, he spread his thighs. “Fuck, where did you learn to do that?”

I never did.

Smiling to herself, she rubbed more, concentrating on the head as it made him breathe harder, and dipped her face to place her hot, wet tongue into the depth of his bellybutton and licked it, explored it.

His hips jerked upward and she met his demand, moved her tongue further down the stomach, leaving wet traces on his salty skin, and up to the glans of his warm cock. When her mouth enveloped it, she made her tongue circle it and curl into the tiny orifice.

He gasped. “Ah fuck, you’re drivin’ me crazy!”

Urgent lust woke between her own thighs, reminding her of the crude encounter with this man in the woods, and she opened and wetted with excitement.

It wasn’t that difficult, was it?

Holding the shaft in her hand, she licked the tip with her tongue, let it play around it and down its neck, making small circles all over, exploring the bizarre shape and apparent veins. She took him in her mouth, swallowed him, and sucked until he put eager hands in her hair and pushed her against him, helping her move at the right speed.

“Ah, you know you’re gonna… make me come!” he exclaimed in-between deep breaths and moans.

Not yet.

She looked up and read the strained, glowing eyes riveted on her, sweat pearling on his chest and stomach.

A brief thought traversed her dizzy mind: Was he clean? In the forest, he said he used condoms. Besides, a man this smart would be careful not to catch a stupid disease.

All right. She moved away from him, pushed aside the sheet, straddled his thighs, took his cock in her hand again, and directed it into herself. Oh, no resistance—it glided right in, further than she would have thought possible, filling her entirely, and his loud groan and jerk of pleasure made her smile.

See, I’m learning to open up and give myself.

How could he fit her so perfectly? How did their sizes match so well? She made instinctive, hungry moves with her inner muscles, molded herself around his cock. Loving the unbelievable jolts of need their friction induced, she let him slide in and out, and in again.

He arched his back to meet her movements, made plaintive sounds of pain, and brought a hand to his bandages.

“Show me your tits,” he begged, grinding his teeth.

As she hesitated removing the towel, he pulled at it with his free hand and displayed her entire nudity straddling his erection, pubis meeting pubis in a slow, regular beat.

Embarrassed by her childish breasts, she wanted to close her eyes, but he croaked, “I love ‘em… I love everything about you…”

In an attempt to increase his pleasure, she reached behind her, found his sack, and softly kneaded the balls.

He placed large, hard hands on her ass with a deep grunt and pressed her against him, helped step up the rhythm.

Following a few more hurried thrusts, he made a loud cry as the first brutal wave of orgasm shook his wounded body and blended with the obvious pain in his flank.

Triumphant, she chuckled as he shuddered and threw his head back on the pillow, riding wave after wave, unable to control the groaning.

After a moment of recovering his breath, he moved his hands up to the curving small of her back with a smoldering smile and pulled her toward him until she lay on top of him, face nestled against his pulsing throat. Strong arms wound around her back, embracing her. His body heated from the exhilaration, and its sweaty skin sent damp, manly warmth to her nose.

“Shit.” His chin jerked up. “I shouldn’t have come inside you.”

Ah, that’s true. Why didn’t I think about it?

She made a quick mental calculation and whispered back, “It’s all right, it’s the safe time of the month.”

As her inner muscles still felt his cock inside, she continued tightening and massaging it.

“Will you fucking stop that!” He laughed. “You’re hurting me. I’m done.”

With a wicked smile, she pulled the sheet over her back and relaxed her head on his shoulder, watched small, black chest hairs heave in tune with the peaceful breaths, listened to his regular heartbeats, and savored their unbelievable intimacy.

His cock slowly softened and wetness glided down inside her; she would need a new shower soon.

(Copyright 2013 Lea Bronsen)


Would you like to read more about Luz and Tomor’s adventure?

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41 responses to “Welcome to my stop on the Sizzling Summer Blog Hop!

  1. Hi! Love the excerpt! Hot! Youve got me hooked! Thank you for the fun hop and giveaway! 🙂


  2. Hi, Lea!
    Wild Hearted seems great, I loved the excerpt and would love to win a copy! Fingers crossed 😉
    alifeamongbooks [at] gmail [dot] com


  3. That was a very HOT excerpt! 😉
    Adding it to my TBR.
    Thank you for sharing and for the chance to read it.
    trb0917 at gmail dot com


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