Keeping it tight – Romance on the Go

I’m discussing Evernight Publishing’s RotG concept and presenting my latest release My Biggest Fan on


Romance on the Go is a new concept for me. Having previously worked with the novel format, the task of putting a complete story into about a 10th of the usual length was one tough challenge. How would I, with just a few words, introduce each of the characters, give them enough backstory, allow them the time to develop along with the plot arc, and still be able to wrap it all up with a satisfying end? And how would I manage to give enough descriptions, atmosphere, and movement, not to mention weave in a few sub-plots to keep the read interesting?

There was no magic tool except the delete button, and boy did I scratch my head, closely monitoring the word count. Thankfully, the first person present tense allowed me to use short, concise sentences instantly relaying the main character’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. And having chosen a young male rebel’s point of view, I could skip the lengthy poetic imagery *smiles*

Critical voices complain about the shortness of the Romance on the Go titles. I agree, they are short—but that is the point. In less than a half hour, you can have your fix of romance, bedroom steam, poignant drama, happy endings, AND have the time to hate and love their sexy characters. The trick is just for us authors to compress our complete, well-developed stories without having them sound too rushed, and to balance all the usual ingredients well with a few unexpected goodies.


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