Romance on the Go interviews on Book Bliss!

In celebration of Evernight Publishing’s three-year birthday, Romance on the Go authors Angelina Rain, Lea Bronsen and Lyn Brittan are interviewed on the review site Book Bliss today.


Check out the interview with Lea Bronsen:

Book Bliss: Every author has had a struggle, from plots not working, to publishers not being interested, what has been your greatest challenge on your journey to writing? Do you have any advice to share on how you surpassed the challenge?

Lea: My greatest handicap is writing in a foreign language, but I refuse to let it stop me from targeting the English-speaking book market. My best advice on surpassing this particular problem is to surround yourself with friends who take the time to edit your work and to consult writing groups before submitting to publishers. And—this goes for native English speakers, too—make sure you have a dictionary available at all times *smile*

Book Bliss: Of course I have to ask the timeless question, if you had to pick one author to read for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?

Lea: It would have to be Cody McFadyen, because reading his thrillers (especially the first one in the Smoky Berrett series, Shadow Man) was like an awakening. With his words, he found a way into my soul and shook me. Profoundly. His writing is top-notch, intense, and full of emotions, gore, frantic action, and suspense. It doesn’t necessarily leave me with a good feeling, but I’m the kind of person that is drawn to this genre and feeds on it.

Book Bliss: Just what does your spouse have to say when you get into writer mode during the bedroom scenes?

Lea: Ha! Good question. My husband knows I write erotic scenes but seldom reads my work, so I, ahem, make sure to compensate when I’m off writer mode…

Book Bliss: Who would you say is your author bestie? Who would you love to collaborate on a novel with?

Lea: While struggling with my debut novel last year, I met D.C. Stone, a terrific person and highly talented author who taught me the basics of the writing craft and guided me through every step of the publishing process. I’m very proud and honored to be currently collaborating on a romantic suspense novel with her!

Book Bliss: If you could live in the world you’ve created would you? Why or why not?

Lea: No, I write fictitious stories because they are fantasies that allow me to evade reality. I still make those worlds as realistic and plausible as possible in order to pull the readers into my characters’ heads and make them “live” their stories. That being said, I might want to experience some of the hotter scenes myself, too. *grins*

Book Bliss: Authors all have their own schedules and quirks when writing a novel. Some like a certain room in the house, others a certain time of the day. Do you find yourself writing better under certain circumstances?

Lea: The busy life I lead as a full-time worker and mother of three children does not allow me to schedule my writing time. I have adapted to that uncertainty by learning to focus on/off and taking notes at any available moment, on any writing device, any place.

Book Bliss: Are any of the characters in your novels based on people from your life? Care to share any that are?

Lea: All my characters have bits and pieces from real people—some are even inspired by an eye-catching look, pose, or appearance in a film/photo—but none are directly based on persons I know. Which is probably a good thing, as most of my characters are broken souls to whom I’m pretty sure no one wants to be connected 😉

Book Bliss: If you were to get stuck all alone with any one of your characters, which one and why?

Lea: Can I really pick one? *beaming* I would choose Micaela, the gorgeous, long-haired Italian bicyclist in my erotica WIP. Though I made him irresistible for my heroine, I obviously like him myself, and he’s still enough of a mysterious person for me to want to…uh…explore him a little more.

Book Bliss: What would you say the difference is between writing a novel and writing a novella? Is it harder for you to scale back and keep things concise enough for the smaller manuscript or do you sometimes find it easier?

Lea: It depends on how much detail you want to put into a story. How much backstory it needs, how long you want to dwell describing the setting and explaining emotional behaviors, how many plots you weave into the story arc, and what kind of developments your main characters require. I totally love the sense of freedom and profusion of time the novel length gives me to develop a story, but producing 80-100 K is exhausting and takes a lifetime! In comparison, hitting the submit button after just a few weeks of condensing a story into a shorter format grants a speedier process and, if you’re lucky, instant gratification.

Book Bliss: You’re forced to only read one book for the rest of your life- what is it?

Lea: I would definitely choose Ken Follett’s “The Pillars of the Earth”. This seemingly endless (1000-something pages) chronicle and its sequel are the kinds of books that reveal new layers each time you give them a read. They not only take place in a very captivating, agitated time in European history—the medieval age—but their story arcs span over several decades with a mind-blowing amount of well-developed characters, multiple intricately interwoven plots, and a wealth of detailed setting descriptions. How Mr. Follett managed to keep track of it all is beyond me!

Thanks so much for having me 🙂

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