Encouraged by critiques

I have put my soul on display in the writing group Scribophile for about 1,5 year and still get my hands smacked on by fellow critiquers. Writing is a difficult craft to learn, especially in a foreign language. But once in a while, I am astonished and humbled by words of encouragement such as “I forgot to breathe”, “I was picking at perfection”, “You write imaginary too freaking well”, “The writing is top-notch and impressive”, “The chapter totally sucked me in”, and “You make me feel it all and hate feeling it all”. What more can an aspiring author ask for?

Today, a kind heart left me this message: “This is writing which I would classify as powerful realism, and unlike much of that genre, this piece is tasteful, eschewing mere shock value or vulgarity in favor of well-crafted prose to achieve its aims.”

Thank you!!

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