Carnivora blurb

“Crime lord Tomor is sent to jail for life, but vengeful forces outside of the prison walls want his death at any cost. Given a second chance as a free man, he will need all his street flair, skills and shrewdness to keep himself and his hunted family alive.

A year after the loss of her man, Luz is still grieving and struggles to come to terms with her new life while caring for their baby daughter. The last thing she needs is to fall for the new neighbor, an undercover cop watching the return of her escapee lover.

Gangster rookie David is slowly rebuilding his life. When led into the grotesque trafficking of small children by his police connections, he is deeply shocked and seeks help to save these innocent lives. Who better than a man suicidal enough to make the ultimate sacrifice: the same one he betrayed and doomed to die behind bars.

Dead bodies are uncovered daily. Can the three—once tied by kin—accept to leave past deceits behind and rejoin forces before a final bloodshed?”

The thriller sequel to Wild Hearted is currently in the making at 17K, and I hope to reach the goal of 90K in the course of this year.

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