Guest spot on All Romance Café!

I’m on All Romance Café today talking about ménage, of all things!

Until a few months ago, ménage was an unfamiliar concept for me. I was the traditional boy-wants-girl kind of writer, sometimes blending in a little steamy manlove that made me feel oh-so-daring and controversial. But three, four partners, or more?

Little did I know joining the Evernight family of imaginative and talented authors would open my eyes to more… combinations. So much so that in my third project, the erotica High Risk Fever, I pushed all personal boundaries aside and drove my main characters, one woman and three men, to participate in my longest and most complex sex scene to date, with 8,000 words spanning over three chapters! To keep a strict choreography of four persons’ actions and reactions wasn’t easy but definitely a ton of fun. All the while making sure everyone’s feelings, sensitivity, comfort level, needs, and character developments were taken care of with as much understanding and respect as possible… as well as pushing their boundaries and unveiling a few secret desires. Phew! Needless to say, it is one long, intensive scene that will have you sweaty and breathless and turning the pages for more. I can’t wait for you to read it once the novel comes out!

Read my full post on ARe Café.

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