Another fantastic review for The Perfect Shoot!

“I really enjoyed watching Andrea and Yushka fall in love.  Truly I did but there were parts of the book that didn’t set right with me.  Especially the photographer and the photo shoot.  If I had been Andrea I would have bolted but I understood why Ms. Bronsen wrote the scene.  Trust me when you read it, you will understand her side and mine.

What I really enjoyed was Ms. Bronsen’s descriptions of the conference itself.  She wrote it from experience and who wouldn’t want to go to France.  ;)  She nailed the setting, descriptions and the ins and outs of the conference itself.
The side plots with her sons and their father were excellent as well.  Those phone calls explained alot of Andrea’s personality and feelings.  Especially when it came to her hesitation with being with Yushka.  I’d feel the same way.  And my husband is 7 years younger than me.  Trust me…people are shocked when they find that out.
I will say that when those two finally get to together its explosive.  Oh yes, there is the private photo shoot but that’s just a teaser.  I found the book to be spicy, not truly erotic in nature.  There is plenty of teasers before the deed is done but that’s where Ms. Bronsen was brilliant in her writing.  The build up, the emotions between them was well worth the pay off in the end.
Just because I had issues with one thing in the book, don’t put off reading this one.  In the end, Ms. Bronsen will open your eyes to the ultimate fantasy…falling in love with a cover model and he loving you back.  *sigh*”
Big thanks to Harlie’s Books!!

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