Lea Bronsen on ARe Café – reveals the inspiration behind her male characters!

Hey everyone!

Are you the kind that gets inspired by a well-composed, colorful or artistic black/white image to do special things—travel, cook, buy a new dress, paint, have a baby (or make a baby, lol), see a film, get politically active, or hey, read a book?

I’m the kind that, upon seeing a particularly good pic of a particularly stunning guy, will be inspired to write a book. Yes, you heard me right. I see a heart-melting grin in a pretty face, I see dark eyes sparkling of mischief, I see some naked, tanned, well-shaped flesh, and boom! A new character whispers his name and desires to me, his dramatic and oh-so-romantic story unfolds in my mind, and the insane things he’d like to do to the beautiful woman—or man—of his dreams run through me as if he and I were one.

Read more about my inspiration here. Thanks to All Romance eBooks Café for hosting me!


Yushka 1       minetolove2

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