BOOK TOUR – The Hotter the Love is on the road again

After a successful tour with Sizzling PR last week, I’ve launched onto a new blog trip these days, visiting fellow Evernight and Decadent authors and friends:

Ravenna Tate ~ LeTeisha Newton ~ Elena Kincaid ~ Libby Bishop ~ Sarah Marsh ~ Norah Bennett  ~ Jessica Coulter Smith ~ Robin Badillo ~ Allyson Young ~ Love Bites and Silk ~ Vicki Ballante ~ Peri Elisabeth Scott ~ Lucy Felthouse ~ Helena Stone ~ Jocelyn Dex ~ A Passion for Romance ~ Paige Warren ~ Sara Daniel ~ Jennifer Denys’ Wicked Weekends ~ Jessica E. Subject ~ Kiru Taye ~ Maggie Mundy ~ Aubrey Wynne ~ Serenity Snow ~ Donina Lynn ~ Sexy Romance Novels ~ T.L. Reeve ~ Avril Ashton ~ Sam Crescent ~ Jewel Quinlan ~ S.J. Maylee ~ H.K. CarltonLondon Saint James ~ Elyzabeth M. Valey ~ D. Martin ~ Bitten, Shifted, The Not So Normal Books ~ Doris O’Connor ~ Gale Stanley ~ Elodie Parkes ~ Jacey Holbrand ~ Janis FrischApril Zyon ~ Douglas Black ~ Molly Ann Wishlade ~ Kacey Hammel ~ Michelle Roth ~ Rose Wulf ~ Fall into Reading Reviews ~ V.S. Morgan ~ Shari Elder ~ Tara Quan ~ Nessie Strange ~ D.L. Jackson ~ C.R. Moss

Thanks to all these lovely bloggers for hosting the release!





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