“There’s something Italian about you” #SexySnippet from Dark & Dirty


Happy Sunday!!

Here are my #SexySnippets, seven sentences from my dark erotic M/M fantasy SLICK in upcoming anthology DARK & DIRTY:

* * *

“I’m Roman.”

Roman.” I taste the name on my tongue. “A fitting name.”

“How so?”

“There’s something Italian about you.” I unashamedly take in his black gelled hair, dark brows, raven-colored pupils in a frame of long, feminine lashes, and neatly bearded cheeks. He’s so devilishly handsome. If I met him in a club one night, I’d bring him home and do his sweet butt until the rise of dawn.

Dark and Dirty


Ex-convict Luke has been fortunate enough to land a small job as a kitchen assistant, but he’s lonely and crippled by baggage from the past.

CEO Roman Spencer also has his share of problems. It doesn’t help that a tough and hot-headed kitchen worker begins to plague his mind…and body.



Don’t wait till the book comes out, put it on your to-read list now!



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Sexy Snippets are seven sentences, taken from a work in progress, or published book, brought to you every Sunday.

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