“Now, shake that hair” #SexySnippet from The Hotter the Love


Happy Sunday!!

Here are my #SexySnippets, seven sentences from The Hotter the Love, book 3 of the erotic interracial romance Hot Model Mine trilogy:

* * *

Yushka saunters to the middle of the room and slides his shirt off his bulging arms, taking his time, contorting his toned torso so I can note all the fantastic details. It’s obvious he’s a professional. Maybe he should consider doing movies, too. Erotic movies.

I nod in appreciation. “Now, shake that hair.”

He obeys, holding my look while untying his ponytail and letting his long hair loose like a waterfall of blackness down his large shoulders. With slow dance moves of his hips, he proceeds to unbuckle his belt, pulls it out of his pants’ waistband with a swoosh, and throws it to the floor where it coils like a snake at my feet.




After sexy cover model Yushka proposed, life is more turbulent than ever for erotic romance author Andrea. He is expecting a baby with his ex-girlfriend, who says she doesn’t want to keep it. How will Andrea’s sons take upcoming life changes? To make things more complicated, her ex goes to great lengths to coax her back, and one of her sons’ girlfriend is a tad too interested in Andrea’s young and very handsome fiancé…

On the writing front, Andrea anxiously awaits news on her latest manuscript submission, and she has to decide whether to accept her publisher’s offer to model in a sexy photo shoot—the same kind she and Yushka did in Cannes—in the hopes of making a new “Cover Photo of the Year”. Considering the erotic poses the previous photographer demanded, can Andrea model with another guy other than Yushka?


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Before you leave: The Hotter the Love is nominated in the Evernight Readers Choice Awards 2016, so if you’d like to vote, please go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QM3S9TR and pick “The Hotter the Love by Lea Bronsen” in category 10, Best Contemporary.

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