“In love with you” #SexySnippets from LIVE


Happy Sunday! Here are seven lines from my story LIVE in the erotic contemporary romance anthology Girl Code.

Ex-drug addict Juls meets a ghost from the past, a broken man going through the same hell as her.

* * *

“No.” Reef drew an audible breath and cocked his head. “I kissed you ’cause I’m in love with you.”

“You’re what?” Juls gaped.

“In love with you.”

The steadfastness of his declaration made it sound real, but she’d seen and heard too much in her time to believe anything at first try. “Y-you’re kidding me.”

“No, I’m not.”

She stood paralyzed. How could this handsome man develop such feelings for her? She, the ugly duckling, the society outcast. Surely, life would never give her love.




Just off methadone, Juliette “Juls” Carrington is determined to get her life on track after seven years as a druggie. Her sole companion is a diary in which she keeps everything from her reflections to bus tickets and faded flower petals; a documentary of life on the streets.

Learning the news of her beloved grandmother’s death, Juls returns to her hometown in the hopes that her family will see the new person she’s become and make peace – to no avail. Once more rejected, she wanders to a pond nearby, where as a child she used to find solace with three girls she calls her sisters.

She meets a band of squatters camping in the woods, and, experiencing the same fraternity as among inner-city homeless, spends an enlivening afternoon in the wild. At night, the mysterious Reef, a shadow from her past, shows her what a beautiful thing sex can be.

The next morning, Juls awakes to complete chaos. The camp is ravaged by the police, a dog terrifies her, Reef is arrested, and to make things worse, her diary is missing. How will she fund her lover’s bail – and who could be interested in the story of an outcast?
















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