“I love you” sounded appropriate #MidWeekTease from FIERY 10-16


Happy Wednesday, and thanks again to the lovely Angelica Dawson for organizing the MidWeekTeases 🙂

This week’s tease comes from my new dark romantic suspense FIERY 10-16.



Dawn’s heart thudded. She hadn’t meant to say these three words. Considering her past mistakes, marrying Joe in spite of her parents’ strong warnings, it was way too early for a love declaration. She’d intended to thank Runo for his sacrifice in the cabin, for his chivalry and morals, for giving her renewed faith in love, and for offering her a future.

Yet in this moment, “I love you, sounded appropriate. What she felt for him wasn’t what she’d feared—that she needed a strong man and would fall for the first one who crossed her path. This was real. She loved him. He was a unique and precious specimen. She would never find a braver, kinder, more respectful and selfless man than he.

He returned the kiss, but she needed to explain. She didn’t want him to believe she hadn’t thought this through.

She straightened and sat on his bedside. “You’ve set me free. I’m free.” She spread her arms like a bird taking flight from a cliff, flying on her own, unrestrained. “I feel reborn. And the kids will never again have to be afraid. I’ll never more have to fight for their survival.” She put a hand on his chest, careful not to touch his wound. “You have a heart of gold. You took a bullet for me.”

Gaze serious and shimmering, he stared for a moment, then cleared his throat. “Would you please move my pillows a little? I’d like to sit up a bit.”

“Sure.” She leaned over him, wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and pulled him up to a half-seated position. While she adjusted the pillows to prop his back, he took a long, audible breath in her cleavage, through her gown.

“Stay like this,” he said, voice thick.

She obeyed. More than aware of their sudden intimacy, she put her hands on the sides of his mattress for support and lowered her chest to facilitate his reach.

His nose touched the inner side of one breast, then moved to the other, and back, as if he didn’t know which one he liked best. “You smell so good.”


Her nipples hardened. Warmth settled at the pit of her stomach.

He pulled at her gown until all of it slid up from her lower body and folded at chest level. Lifting the white material over his head, he disappeared beneath and groaned.

She drew in a sharp breath.

When his warm mouth closed over a nipple, she whimpered. He sucked on the bud while pinching the other with two fingers. A pulling sensation in her breasts sent electricity straight to her pussy. The harder the suction and pinching, the faster her inner muscles contracted and heated. He knew what he was doing. Wetness glided out of her and moistened her opening. She moaned. She couldn’t stay in this position, leaning over him with her ass in the air. She had to sit, had to fill her burning pussy.

In a haze, she moved back, pulled the gown over her head, and threw it to her bed. Despite the bandages and visible marks covering her torso, Runo devoured her with his dark, smoldering eyes. His breaths came out at a fast pace, his broad chest heaving. Undoubtedly, he wanted her as bad as she wanted him.

Copyright (c) 2017 Lea Bronsen


Fiery 1016_eBook cover 400x600

Runo Wiggins is a scarred man, the wounds etched into his psyche deeper than those on his skin. But he loves his job: fighting fires helps reenact his survival of a house fire as a teen, one that killed his mother and brutal stepfather.

Dawn Caravello is married to a psychotic drunk. She can take his beatings as long as he doesn’t touch their children, and she’ll do anything to put food on the table, even if it means stealing from the town hero.

When Runo meets the fiery Dawn, sparks fly. But he suspects she is victim of the same abuse as his mother was. As day turns to night, the past and the present blend in an exhausting, nerve-wrecking chase to prevent another death.

Fiery 10-16 is available on Amazon.com and Amazon.uk

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