“He’d learned the skills well” #SexySnippet from THE AUDITION


Happy Sunday! Here’s a sexy snippet from my latest release, the dark MM ménage THE AUDITION 🙂


Holding him tighter, Rico applied a small kiss on his mouth. Jaden’s angelic features broke into a big, happy smile, and he kissed Rico back, sneaking his tongue between Rico’s lips, along his teeth, and coaxing him to play. Rico angled to push his tongue deep into Jaden’s mouth and explored the hot wetness inside. The delicious feeling made his cock stiffen and point into Jaden’s stomach.

With a grin, the kid went down on his knees and grasped hold of the beast. He pumped up and down the shaft before taking it into his mouth, sucking and swallowing as far as his throat could take. He’d learned the skills well, so well Rico screwed his eyes shut and lifted his hips with each thrust, plunging again and again and moaning.

The Audition_cover


Dangerous men, dirty secrets

Ruthless drug lord Ricardo “El Loco” Ferrer launders his black money by investing in movie productions. As a teen, he learned to enjoy blow jobs in jail. Now a man of power, his favorite pastime is checking out new acting talent…and convincing them to “please” the team of producers.

Young wannabe actor Jaden Moore comes to a shady side of town to audition for a movie part. He longs to shine, wants to walk the red carpet with cameras flashing and a crowd cheering. He assures the film director and the investors he’ll do anything to reach the top, but is he willing to comply with their dirty fantasies?


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