Enough or I’ll make a mess #MWTease from A Thorned Rose in the Sand


Happy Wednesday, and thanks again to Angelica Dawson for organizing the MidWeekTeases!

This week’s tease comes from my erotic interracial romance A THORNED ROSE IN THE SAND, which is due on the 7th of May ❤

In this scene, Stevie has just had an orgasm from some intense fingering…

* * *

“You came, beautiful. You came by my hand. I can’t believe it.” Ragab brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them clean. “You taste sweet, fantastic.” He scooped her up, carried her to the bedroom with surprising ease, and set her down on the soft sheets. He lay partly on top of her, a knee across her thighs and his arm over her chest. With a sigh of contentment, he nuzzled her hair.

She squirmed toward him, wet and ready for more, tugging on his towel. “I want you. Make love to me.”

He smiled, caught her hand. “Wait. We’ve just met.”

“You don’t want me?”

“Oh, I do.” He inched closer so a long, hard rod poked against her thigh, through his towel. “Feel that?”

Her throat made a strange sound. She reached for his erection and stroked along the ridge. Thankfully, her experience with an abuser hadn’t scared her from touching another guy. If only Ragab would move down a bit and put his cock inside her!

He groaned, pulled her hand away. “Okay, enough, or I’ll make a mess.”

“Why don’t you make a mess inside me?”

That drew a white-toothed grin from him. “Baby, I’m so tired I can’t think straight. I didn’t sleep last night.”

“Me neither.”

“Let’s have a nap, then. I don’t want to do anything rash. Later, I’ll take you to a nice place that serves the best food in all of Morocco. We’ll eat, we’ll talk—”

“And we’ll come back here and make love. Sounds good to me.”

He gave a throaty laugh. “Sleep, my wild one.”
Copyright (c) 2018 Lea Bronsen


After his studies in London, Ragab has returned to the nomadic lifestyle of his Bedouin family and the majestic silence of the Sahara. His days are spent herding camels and dreaming of the perfect wife, until a beautiful but feisty bike driver stuck in a sand dune turns his quiet world upside down.

When the rat-race of life in a big U.S. city becomes too much, Stevie Jones decides to change track and live her wildest dream – compete against the tough guys in a thrilling motorcycle rally across Morocco. But to her surprise, the real excitement is to be found away from the race track, in the shifting sands of the desert…

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* * *

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