Give me #MWTease from High-Risk Fever


Happy Wednesday, and thanks again to Angelica Dawson for organizing the MidWeekTeases!

This week’s tease comes from my erotic GLBT ménage HIGH-RISK FEVER, which just got a new gorgeous cover and will be re-released very soon with an additional chapter! ❤

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Cocoa mug in hand, the gorgeous Italian followed willingly, walking next to her on the bare floorboards with the grace of a panther. They entered her small peach bedroom with the dark-wood furniture.

He sniffed the air and glanced at the ruffled bed sheets with a grin, black eyes sparkling. Could he tell Brian and she had just had sex?

She chose to ignore him and opened Brian’s closet. Her husband was a big man, and his clothes would be large for the two guys, but they had no alternative.

“What do you want to wear?”

When he didn’t answer, she turned to him.

He stood in front of the full-length mirror beside the bed, bending to remove the bicyclist pants, his bluish but very sexy ass pointing toward her. His long, black locks hung like a curtain, hiding his face as he struggled to pull the spandex down his shivering legs.
After a few groans of frustration, he straightened and gave the bundle of wet clothes on the carpet an irritated kick. At the same time, his reflection in the mirror showed the full length of his masculine body. Skinny, but with neatly defined muscles in all the right places, suntanned and beautiful and, by God, sporting a magnificent cock. Dark, just like she’d thought.

She swore the penis grew before her eyes, thickening and lengthening, a fascinating metamorphosis, sending a sharp signal of lust between her thighs. She blinked, believing she must be dreaming—but, no, this perfection of a male specimen stood in front of her, tempting the hell out of her hungry body.

With a deep breath, she let her gaze travel upward from the half-erect organ to the hairy, muscular chest, and farther up to his handsome, grinning face.

Grinning! Yes, above a self-satisfied smile, a pair of black, smoldering eyes met hers in the mirror.

Oh, no. She quickly looked away. The picture of dear Brian making love to her earlier flashed in her mind. The way he’d finally attempted to satisfy her in bed outweighed any issue she might have with him. How could she then behave like this, openly admiring the aroused body of another man?

Micaela gave a low, teasing chuckle. “What is problem, you no like?”

Of course she did, but she refused to admit her interest.

“Don’t you?” He tilted his head, teasing.

“I’m a married woman, Micaela.”

“Is easy. You like or no like.”

She glanced back with a severe look. “You can’t talk to me like that. Do you understand?”

He frowned. A shiver ran through his body, and he tightened his jaw. Wrapping his arms around his trembling torso, he threw a sideways glance at the tempting bed sheets before looking back at her. “I’m cold.”

She shrugged. “You should take a hot shower.”

“No, Todd still there.” He nodded toward her bathrobe. “Give me.”



Copyright @ 2018 Lea Bronsen


High-Risk Fever_new cover 1600x2650


Two young and indecently handsome bicyclists visit a village in the French Alps during the summer holidays. Forced by a raging storm to spend the night at the local bed & breakfast, they invade the quiet lives of hostess Anne and her husband, Brian.

A power outage plunges the foursome into darkness, encouraging new liaisons to form, life-long secrets to be unveiled, and steamy lessons to be learned. But once the storm moves on, can the four find a balance and resume their normal lives?


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